Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Little Ms. Millie

My first blog I dedicate to my darling daughter Shruti, who has been my best (worst??) critic, initiator, hard(est) task master and source of most encouragement.
I am a very talkative person, but I shockingly realised, I am quite private too. Odd combination, I know.

I am a stay-at-home mum, very happy with having raised a beautiful family - a son who has recently graduated as an Aerospace engineer, and my daughter who is pursuing Industrial (Product) design.

I qualified as a Dietitian (academically) and then re-qualified as an International Travel Agent, and worked both as a Research assistant (as a dietitian) and then after my re-qualification as  an international travel consultant. I then decided to take a break to have our children, and one thing led to another, and I did not go back to work professionally.

I, instead, chose to help out in the volunteering industry and have had very successful years of reading to (and writing examinations for) blind students.
Somewhere down the line, I also did a Teacher's training course in yoga and am a trained yoga teacher.
This helped me teach yoga to challenged children in some under-privileged schools.
This and teaching English (to under-privileged school students) and looking after my in-laws defined my life.

As a family, we love to travel, and have trekked a bit.. something we must take up again (note to self :-))

We are also a very (stray) animal loving family - and do our (really little) bit to help the world of (stray) animals in Mumbai.

My first few blogs will be all about our little foster animals - animals that we looked after for a short while before they were (fortunately for them) adopted into beautiful loving homes.

India has a stray animal problem that is being tackled by several animal NGO (Non Government Organisations) groups - but its still a growing problem.  Add to that the fact that there are more animals ''do-not-care'' folks than those that care, and we have an issue :-(

Our first (and only) pet was a stray - who adopted us.  Claw was a darling - and he taught us to appreciate the four-legged and life so much more.

Millie was our first foster.  All of just 3 and half months, she had "Attitude"!
She knew what she wanted (lots of food, lots of loving and no admonishment, thank you!) and knew how to get it too!
We were the 'in-betweeners' between her 'stray home' (on the streets) and her new adoptive home (a wonderful  young couple) - and had a tough time learning how to discipline her.
yes yes, she looks so angelically innocent, and everyone will wonder how anyone could complain about her.. looks are quite deceptive!She's happily curled in behind Shruti - both of them catching their 40 winks - Shruti between her work, and Millie between her bouts of mischief

But I must also add, that fed Ms. Millie would stretch out and snore :-)

We are SO happy that little Millie is now a fantastic bundle of joy in her new home :-)