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This is a really simple pattern for a pair of fingerless gloves.  
I’d say this is truly a must-try pattern.  
Oh and the beauty is that it’s a simple 2-row pattern.. so come on along and let’s work on today’s pattern together.
All my patterns give you a little thinking to do - small calculations .. and there are always loads of ideas and links to make every experience a unique one - and to help you create something stunningly original for your family & friends.

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Materials used : Today I’ve used about 40 gms unbranded 4-ply acrylic yarn with a 5 mm crochet hook ; fabric glue to seal ends 
I also made this with about 50 gms of 4-Seasons DK acrylic yarn with a 5.5 mm crochet hook

This yarn is not specific for this project.
You can use any yarn with a suitable hook to make this project to any size.

For Indians : The 4-ply unbranded acrylic yarn I've used is very similar in thickness to our Oswal or Vardhaman acrylic yarns or Laura knitting cotton.
The 4-Seasons Dk yarn is about twice as thick
You could use Anchor , Red ros ; Red rose metallic or  unbranded  knitting cotton 

International yarns :  Among the international yarns I have used, I’d suggest Aunt Lydia Cotton 10, Aunt Lydia Bamboo-Viscose 10, DMC Petra, Sullivans knitting cotton (Australia), Milford Soft, Hilaza Rustica Eclat , Alize cotton yarn ; Alize bamboo yarn ; Spotlight stores 4-Seasons Marvel and Stallion yarns or Hobby Lobby I-Love-this-cotton yarn

Size made : (L) 7" x (around wrist) 7" 
Skill level : Intermediate

Stitches used :
Starting slip knot :
Starting slip knot 1 or the Sloppy Slip knot :
Foundation Single Crochet : fsc : 

Single Crochet : Sc : yo, insert hk into st ; yo (2 lps on hk); yo, draw through both lps.  One sc made.  Check out the video at
First stitch for Single Crochet : This is how I like to start my row of sc. Check out the video at

Single crochet back loop only (sc-blo) : Here is an easy video tutorial
Extended double crochet (e-dc) : Here is an easy video tutorial

Abbreviations used :
lp(s) : Loop(s)                        sc : Single crochet
dc : Double crochet               sp : Space                                           
sl-st : Slip stitch                     hk : Hook
st(s) : Stitch(es)                     yo : Yarn Over                                   
ch : Chain                              sc 2-tog : Single crochet 2-tog
 fsc : Foundation single crochet

Instructions   (Using U.S terminology)
Please note that I start all my rows with a ch 1, turning chain for ease.
Please check the top of this blog for easy video tutorials on all stitches used in today's pattern.
Please read through all my notes before you pick up your hook, so you know just where we're heading in our pattern.

Our gloves today will be from just below your wrist to just above the halfway mark of your fingers.  There will be an opening for your thumb.

We work a rectangle / square that will be the length (from below wrist to halfway up your fingers) & the width (which is the round palm measurement from around the base of your fingers)

Here's where you have a small calculation to work out.
1) Measure the length you want for your gloves.  
2) Measure your round wrist and measure around the palm (just at the base of your fingers - that bony bit just after the palm which is the largest part).  

Generally for ladies we work about 18 - 19 cm / 7 - 7 1/2" ; and for me we work 19 - 20 cm or 7 1/2 - 8" for around palm measurement

There is no stitch count for this pattern 
You just work it for as long as you want it - and then work the really simple pattern for as wide as you need it.

Start Row 1 : with as many fsc as you want for the length you want for your fingerless gloves.  Turn.

I started with 25 with the 4-ply unbranded yarn and 20 with the DK yarn = 7" in length
Note : Make a note of this number so you can work the 2nd glove without confusion.

We work in the back loop for the first row.  Use either sc or hdc in back loop stitches.
With the 4-ply I worked hdc-blo ; and with the DK yarn I worked sc-blo.
Choose what works for you.

Single crochet back loop only (sc-blo) :
Half double crochet back loop only (hdc-blo) :

Row 2 : sc-blo in the 1st st and in each st till end.  Turn.

In the following row, we work in the front loop only.
Once again, choose the stitch that suits you - so if you used sc-blo, then use sc-flo now.

Single crochet front loop only (sc-flo) :
Half double crochet front loop only (hdc-flo)

Row 3 : sc-flo in the 1st fsc and in each st till end.  Turn.

And that’s it… our pattern done ! How easy is this, right?

Rep Rows 2 & 3 for the round wrist measurement. 
I worked till I had 7" in width.

You can join straight off or you can work one row to make a straight end before joining.

Optional Last row : sc in the 1st st and in each st till end.
Fasten off and leave a tail for joining.

Use one of these joining methods given below.

How do you join?
You have a neat rectangle - and you will join along the length (or join the starting & end rows) to make a cylinder.  You need to leave a small opening for the thumb.
Starting at one end, join the two parts for about 45 cm / 2" (for a lady) or 7 cm/3" (for a man).  You then leave a gap of 5 cm (lady) / 7 cm (man) and continue joining all the way to the end.

Whipstitch to join :
Single crochet to join :
Have fun – create something unique.

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