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free crochet pattern for baby dress


Having made the really cute dress yesterday, I thought it was incomplete without the ubiquitous little cap and booties  - so here goes what I’ve done to complete this set.

For the detailed pattern of this dress, do check the blog at

Of course as this set of booties and cap are a lovely mix-n-match, you may well find that they work with any other pattern.. both from my blog or somewhere else as well J

free crochet baby cap pattern

Materials used : 4-ply acrylic baby yarn from Stylecraft ~ 15 gms, with a 4 mm (US 6, G) crochet hook

For Indian yarn users : I find this yarn somewhere between our  Oswal Cashmilon / Wendy 3-4 ply.  I say in-between, as sometimes our 3 ply can be as thin as 2 ply, and sometimes the 4 ply is like a 3 ply thickness… so please check your gauge here and see if this works with the yarn you’re using to achieve size

Size made : 0 – 6 months (Head circumference 14-15”)
Gauge : 3 shells (rows) and 2 shells (across) = 1”

Changes made : Not sure if this qualifies as a 'change' as not included in pattern.. but after making the first tie on one side, rather than have an end to weave and hide (lazy me J), I repeated one more half line of the pattern till I reached the opposite side of the bonnet for the 2nd tie and then repeated instructions for this tie.  This way the back bit is a shell 'longer' and there is one less end to weave in J

Now this pattern worked well with the materials I’ve used above for a 0-6 month old, and this pattern is easily adaptable for a larger size as well.   
This pattern for the shells is in multiples of 3, so instead of increasing rounds till 40, I’d go a few more lines (with that first set of rounds in multiples of 8).  So a bit of calculation needed.. rounds for first set and then the shelled set.. but not that much work, now that we’ve got what the numbers are, right J

For my booties, I’ve chosen the Mon Petit Violon: Let’s begin with gifts ! from  or

free crochet booties pattern

Materials used : 4-ply baby from Stylecraft  15 gms, with a 4 mm (US 6, G) crochet hook

Size made : 0 – 6 months (L from toe to heel : 4- 4.5”)
Gauge : 4 hdc rows and 2 sets of (hdc, ch 1, hdc) (across) = 1”

Changes made : So to match my bonnet, which has the ‘tie’ made with the same yarn, I made a tie for the bootie too.  
I also reduced the ‘shelled’ edging : The designer has said (3 hdc, ch 3, 3 hdc) in every ch-3 sp.  I’ve done it in every alternate sp and a vsc in every alternate sp.

I’d initially chosen Princess –X pattern from

Lovely pattern but as designer has used a cotton  yarn, I was not getting my gauge right – but it’s so cute, thought I’d share it here anyway.

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