Monday, 28 July 2014


The past fortnight has been such fun .. and for those of you who have missed my earlier post (Just for baby Sara), it's been fun as a friend gifted her absolutely awesome stash of yarns and I decided to make gifts for her family.. and the trip has been.... aaah words defy me!!

Baby Sara is the baby of the family (all of six months), and then are the other two cute girls Sahana and Sriya.  The internet is full of super patterns (as is my head and my pattern store),manage

Sadly the time limit did not allow me to make my own patterns - but there are so many patterns that I wanted to try.. here was my chance.

I saw this lovely dress with a bolero that I thought was just right for Sriya and there was this fascinating variegated yarn that made it all seem so right .. so voila !!
More details on the changes I had to make with the pattern on my project page and was inspired by this photograph made by the lovely Svetlana of knit4kids 

and here is what I've done with this pattern - just see what a difference one gets when using a different yarn.. especially a varigated yarn.

Sahana will hopefully like the cute frilly dress that I chose for her, and then completed it with a bolero, which she can easily mix-n-match :)

Visit me at to know where to find the free pattern for this lovely dress.. and the changes I've made with it.

This is the original photograph for this lovely ruffled dress that got me inspired to make my own creation above. Sahana's grand mum chose her subtler pastels, but the bright warm colours in the original ruffled dress (below) are superb, aren't they? :)

I LOVE how the circular bolero looks - really simple pattern and so quick to make.  More information on what I did with that bolero and the links for it on my project page at

Just yesterday I made a stunningly beautiful dress - and I'm not saying it myself.. everyone who has seen this creation has wow-ed it.  I will however add that "being a Xerox/photocopy machine is pretty easy".. I am totally in awe of the person and his/her brain in thinking this pattern through.. I have just worked a pattern along those lines.  The minute I saw this pattern, I just knew I had to do it.. and I know if you're reading this, you're going to rush to hit that link and see how you can get the pattern for it too :)

This creation needs a lining - so a light satin or some chiffon to bring it out just that little bit - but I couldn't wait that long!

Do visit me at for more information on this beautiful creation as well as the link to the dress. I am very certain you're going to put everything down to start on this now.. and if not just this minute, this one is going into your to-do library, I'm sure :)