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crochet xmas tree, crochet decoration


I am in the process of making a whole load of little things to send off to a really good friend for Christmas, and this is the first blog on the huge basket that’s headed her way. It’s a huge surprise (I hope) that her husband and I are orchestrating .. so fingers crossed that it’s all gonna work out OK.

Materials used : Today I’ve used a combination of our lovely Indian Vardhaman Millenium DK ply yarn and some Bernat Baby Coordinates in off-white

Sometime back I saw this awesome video for a Christmas tree shared on Facebook. Obviously, it went into my “Must do” list and then this opportunity presented itself.

I should also say that this oh, so easy (literally) 5-minute craft video is all that it purports to be – it does take just 5 minutes.
This is not really a crochet project though, unless you are going to make some crochet little hanging objects off the tree – but it is such a cute end product that it must be shown.

I also love to check out all the crafts that *seem* so easy, to double check that they really are.. and this one, I give a huge tick.. IT IS THIS EASY!

For this project, I’ve used the free pattern from this stunning video called how to make a DIY Zen Garden at

The wonderful designer in this video has made a lot more stunning things but I've only made the Xmas tree from here. I oh, so loved the little snowman and the sled, but that's kept on a back burner for another date.  

Three pom pom starting bits made... 

crochet xmas tree, crochet xmas decoration
 Tree done

crochet xmas tree
 Tree base attached and decorated

crochet xmas tree
No tree base needed

crochet xmas tree
and both trees ready to be shipped out!

For the Xmas tree, I used green Indian Vardhaman Millenium DK acrylic 4-ply yarn and for the off-white one, I’ve used Bernat Baby Coordinates. 

I used a small circular piece of thermo Cole for the base of the green tree and masked the end of the base with a shiny silver lace to give it a cuter “WOW” effect.  This is a tree meant for the inside of the house, so it has a stand.
The white tree is meant to be a real tree that is standing outside, in your garden, all laden heavy with snow, so one can’t really see the base of the tree, as it’s embedded in the snow.
Now ain’t that a lovely picture I’ve painted?

Right then.. go ahead and click on that link.. and enjoy this 1-2-3 craft.

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns

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