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free crochet dream catcher


If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I’ve been making these tiny doilies that can work as a snowflake ornament, or a table coaster.. and /or a sun / light catcher.  So check out all these ideas in my blog.. so welcome back and let’s have fun.

In this blog, let’s work on this lovely creation and see what you’re gonna make of it eventually !

Materials usedToday I have used a little bit of our lovely Indian Red Rose cotton metallic yarn with a 1.75 mm crochet hook ; beads as per your color choice and pattern sheet.

Size made : 6.75” diameter

Difficulty level : Intermediate Skill level

Stitches used :
Magic circle : To refresh your skill, please view this easy video

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual dc row start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row. Do take a look at this self explanatory video at .  In case you are unhappy with this start, do continue with the usual ch 2 or ch 3 start.  However, all instructions are given assuming that you’re using this chainless dc start. 

How to do a picot stitch : A neat video link to refresh this procedure.

Abbreviations used :  Using U.S Terminology

fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 ch : Chain
dc : Double crochet                                              sp(s) : Space(s)
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                       hk : Hook
lp : Loop(s)                                                               yo : Yarn Over
sk : Skip                                                                     sc : Single crochet

Instructions : (Using U.S Terminology)

For this sun / light / dream catcher, I’ve used the pattern from The Chilly Dog for the really awesome star dream catcher.

 I just loved how the pattern works up and think that this is going to be one big hit.  I also feel that my metallic yarn has added more to the awesomeness of the whole thing.. what do you think?

I started with metallic yarn and just a circle..  no beads..

free crochet dream catcher

free crochet dream catcher

and then.... just for some more bling, I threw in some beads and stuff.. and oh mah Gawd, methinks this is the best dream catcher I've made so far! :)

and just showing off.. here's some super photo bombing..

free crochet dream catcher pattern

free crochet dream catcher patternn

OK.. enough talking.. head on over to the blog for the pattern and have a fun creative time.

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns

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