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free infinity cowl crochet patternfree crochet infinity cowl pattern

free crochet infinity cowl pattern


The Chevron pattern is a really lovely age-old pattern that looks absolutely superb whether you work it in one single colour or multiple colours.  If using multiple colours, this can be a great stash buster. 

I first thought of writing out a pattern for the cowl I was about to make, and then decided to just Google it and of course I found that there are several Chevron ideas already out there.  So in this blog, let’s just take a look at some of them and you can choose your pattern.

Materials used : Today I’ve used about two skeins of our lovely 4 ply Indian Oswal Cashmilon acrylic yarn with a 4 mm crochet hook.

Skill level : Easy to Intermediate skill level.

Size made : ~ 7.5” wide x 32” (folded) length

Abbreviations used :
fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 hdc : Half Double crochet
ch : chain                                                                             ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                                             rep : Repeat
hk : Hook                                                                            lp(s) : Loop(s)

Instructions using (U.S terminology) :

free crochet infinity cowl pattern

For today’s cowl pattern, I’ve chose some of the color combinations from
and here’s a similar two-toned pattern at

I’ve made a chevron scarf before with ‘holes’, which just makes it a lot lighter and lacier, so check that out at

For today’s project, I’ve used a combination of Oswal Cashmilon 4-ply yarns with a 4 mm crochet hook.

I started with 31 fsc (as I usually prefer the foundation single crochet start as you all know), and then worked the pattern per designer.  Just remember that if you are using this fsc start, then you will work that 1st st in the very 1st fsc and not skip any stitches.

I also have decided to use a hdc instead of a sc all through – mainly because I wanted a slightly chunkier finish but also because I found that using sc (with the yarn I’m using probably?!)  made my project look too flat, and devoid of body!

The pattern sheet gives you a random color generator in case you are using several multiple colored yarns, but I’d say .. go a little crazy and see if you can finish off some of your stash ;)

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