Monday, 4 November 2013

Peek-a-boo Infinity Cowl

Peek-a-boo Infinity Cowl

The Chevron stitch is such a fascinating stitch.  When I first tried it (years back), I started with a certain number of stitches, (obviously mis-read instructions), allowed my 'creation' to GROW (literally), watched tv and flew along with this oh-so-simple stitch that only involves dc and ch (how easy is that??).. and way way way later realised.. OOPS !! this has grown! in length AND width!

So besides that happening (which basically can happen with any knit or crochet pattern, by the way!), the Chevron is SUCH a superb stitch.

Using this simple stitch that is a fantastic combination of just dc (or sc) and ch, you can basically make a whole wardrobe!
(hint taken?? Ok.. so I'll spell it're going to see more "Chevron-inspired" creations on my pages!)

Here I must thank Tamara Kelly of Moogly for her superb Chevron Wrap, which is also a free ravelry download... and taking a leaf from her book (or blog ;-)), I too am keeping my creation as a free ravelry download (links below)

This pattern has been tested on The Testing Pool. I’d like to thank my lovely Rav-testers Tammy, Tina, Wendy, Ritha and Laurie

Feel free to make as many of these as you like for gifting, local craft fairs, auctions, raffles, bazaars, but please do not sell finished items online. The pattern itself is not for sale. If making for charity, please let me know the name of the charity & include my contact info with the item ( or  on Ravelry

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