Sunday, 24 November 2013

My "Hand woven" crochet scarf

My 'hand-woven' crochet scarf

Crochet is a really versatile craft.. you start with a few simple chains, put together a few interesting stitches, and half a day, you could've created something lovely!

I was watching a football match and was fascinated by the unity of teams, with their colours and their chants. Of course this happens in every sport, and its a sports fan will wonder why I even 'comment' on it - its a done deal!

On a totally different note, I was also thinking about the lovely 'dot' (or pottu, which means 'dots' in Tamil) kolam (oops another Tamil word, which is a form of 'painting' drawn using rice powder, chalk powder or rock powder) 

so thanks to the fantastic internet, I've got pottu kolam designs here to explain my thought process.  Above are all 4 x 4 dot combination designs.. each one different, but all start with the same 16 dots!

and here are some more pottu kolams - and I love how the same combination of dots can give you such varied designs.

So now maybe you're getting my flow of thought ?? hmmm

I decided to take this idea forward.. use a pottu kolam combination to make several simple scarves.
And though this did not work out exactly, I would like to think that my Plaited scarf and this Hand-Woven crochet scarf are 'pottu kolam'-like, as they have similar 'ideas' - start with a ch /fsc, then few dc, few ch, and then play with the 'chains' and 'design' the scarf.

The hand woven scarf offers you a host of possibilities...
It can be made in the colours of your favourite pennant team flag;
It is a great idea for Valentine's day (with the lovely red n white inter-twined);
It can make a great Christmas gift in the reds, whites and greens;
It makes a great I-day scarf, with colours of your flag..

and it gives you the chance to explore your creative side!

Do remember, as always, that I'd appreciate if you link your project(s) with mine  and if you do like the pattern, do 'favourite' it on Ravelry.

Happy Thanksgiving