Thursday, 4 May 2017


free crochet scarf pattern


As you know, I was recently gifted this absolutely superb Katia Jaipur cotton yarn made in Barcelona – a superb variegated yarn in the softest of shades.   I’ve created a top, a triangular scarf that I shared yesterday, and today .. with this third one in the colours of Spring, I’m choosing to make a triangular scarf.

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Materials usedToday I’ve used ~ 100 gms of the lovely Katia Jaipur Mercerised cotton yarn with a 2 mm crochet hook
For Indians : The Katia Jaipur yarn I’ve used is a lot like our Indian Red Rose & Anchor knitting cottons

Instructions : (Using U.S Terminology)

I feel that with variegated yarns, one should not work too much of a pattern in, as all that effort of calculating and working a pattern is kinda lost in the artwork of the variegated yarn.  I much prefer allowing the colors of the yarn to throw up a lovely picture – and this is what I am convinced has happened here.  Not only is the pattern just swell, but the colors of the yarn have made this a captivatingly beautiful scarf.

For this awesome pattern, I was inspired by the free pattern at, and here is the stunning project made by the designer - not sure if it is variegated yarn.. or she's used two yarns.. but see how one can work this lovely pattern?

The write up is not in English, but it is a beautiful pattern, and has a lovely chart at the end of the write up.  The designer has said that this pattern will be available in English shortly – so perhaps, you could tag her page.  I am just happy to share her page link with you.

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