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Now if you’ve been following my blogs you’ll know that as soon as I landed in Aveiro, Portugal, I chanced on some lovely bulky yarns – and immediately made my first mobius cowl for my daughter.  

If you missed that blog, then it’s my Double Crossed Mobius Cowl at

Her friend loved this and with time and hooks in hand, yarn easily available, this was just the easiest Christmas present for me .. so out came my hooks and I started on a second mobius cowl – one I’ve I’ve been longing to try  – Moogly’s Artfully Simple Infinity Scarf. J
I’ve tweaked the patterns a bit.. but they’re both inspired by this lovely scarf.

I have several other cowls also available, so do mosey over to


Materials used : Today I’ve used Red heart + Bravo Big  bulky weight yarn, with a 6.5 mm crochet hook

Size made : Width : 7.25” x Length : 26”

Now the beauty of this pattern – it really IS artfully simple.  Can you believe that both these creations are made with the same pattern.. and they look so different?

OK.. so for the first cowl, I did an sc every 10th st (and one sc as against 2 dc) – changing colored yarns every alternate row.  When I was happy with the width of the cowl, I just wound the yarns around the starting row to form this cord neat finish. 
For this pattern, I used fsc to start in a multiple of tens.
See how this lovely pattern opens hammock-like.. I love it ! J

For my second creation, I started with a row of fsc (as per instructions) but gave the yarn a twist and attached as one would for a mobius cowl.

As this is a mobius cowl, one half of the cowl looks different from the other side.. making it look a lot more difficult and convoluted a pattern than it actually is. 

For this pattern, I used fsc to start in a multiple of fives.

Both patterns really can be done, as promised by the designer, in a day.. and one skein.. so go ahead.. make this one now.

So here you have three ways to make the lovely cowl or scarf.. so go ahead and enjoy

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns.  I’d also appreciate if you could credit my blog / pattern (as well as Moogly) when you make your project.  Thanks.  J

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Boas Festas from Portugal 

Have a great day and see you soon. J