Thursday, 11 December 2014



Christmas is coming near .. well probably too near for you to actually use these ideas this year, but if you still have the energy, inclination, drive and a little space left on your tree that needs decorating, something handmade would be just great.

Over the past few days, there have been so many lovely people sharing patterns – but they’re all over the place. So I thought I’d just put them all together .. well some of them.. so here’s a few patterns for you. 
Many of these patterns are from a lovely group on facebook called The Art of Crochet

I’ve started on a few myself – but thought I’d share them before it’s too late
Materials used : Polyester silk purse yarn in cones  ~ small amounts , with a 3.25 mm crochet hook. This yarn has a 4-ply or sport ply thickness.
I’ve used some nice shiny yarn for my creations.

These are not my original patterns  .. just some of those wonderful free floating freebies over the net. J

The cute little tree topper angel, which can be easily adapted to be a hanging one as well.  This is my silver and multi-colored lil angel

Snowflakes are always welcome.. so here are five free patterns for snowflakes - and this is my colorful lil snowflake or tree hanging thingy

And a few more angel ideas

tiny snowman to hold a tiny gift  at 

and scrap yarn mistle toe as a you-tube presentation at

And Santa.. anyone ?

And oh what a lovely idea with a  Christmas stocking

And if the links above ain’t enough, and you’re all set for more, then here you go

Oh guess you needed more..  just as I was about to post this blog, I got this share from Moogly – and Tamara Kelly’s shares are always splendid .. so enjoy

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns J

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Have a great day and see you soon. J