Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Diagonal Shells Cowl

My diagonal shells cowl

I recently visited Brisbane (Australia) to spend (our) summer vacations with family.  Brisbane is beautiful.. there is so much to see, so much to do.. our days started early, was packed with interesting activities and ended with a lovely glass o' wine! ;-)

Maya, the lovely dingo kept us busy and on our toes all the time .. and gosh
doesn't she look so innocent and cute and ...and oh, I miss her!
She, believe it or not, was a stray at a pound where my sister in law and nieces helped out - and the minute they say Maya, they knew and now Maya (of course) runs not only their lives, but their home too!
I jokingly told my sis that when the aliens looked down on us, they too would know who was the boss ! Maya would decide which route to take for her walk, she'd stop,do her stuff.. we'd pick it up and dispose of it.. she'd wait (im)patiently and then strut off again behind the next smell and we'd (obediently) follow!  That said, I must also  add that Maya is an extremely well behaved dingo and my nieces have done a splendid job in training her.

One such outing included a trip to the beach - which are oh, so pristine.. and so beautiful.  Maya, who loves the beach, bounded off (in that part of the beach where dogs are allowed 'off-collar'), and I meandered off to take a dekho at shells.  As usual, they tantalise, these silly shells,.. they do! They wink at you wickedly as they lie there, half stuck in sand, with the sun picking out the colours, and the water running over them and adding to the rainbow of colours and shapes.. Oh, I did give in, and pick up my share...only to take a good look at them, and then put them right back! :-(.  I'm sure I took photos .. but just can't find them..so this is almost what I saw (pic taken from the web tho)
beautiful blue skies, crystal blue water, light brown sand..and oh the shells!

A germ of an idea.. a shelled creation in crochet.. a scarf.. a shawl..nope a cowl!
So I present to you my Diagonal Shells Cowl.  

The cowl, thought not very popular in Mumbai, is a very versatile accessory.  I also love that it does not come in the way..it neatly wraps around the neck, can be as long or "drapey" as you (or the person for whom it is intended) wishes.. and looks so beautiful and chic.

Cowls are fun accessories – easy to make, great to wear. This diagonal shells cowl is great as it has shells that are in diagonals! Looks complicated … isn’t.
This cowl has been tested in The Testing Pool.
Here, with DK-ply, its been made in circumferences of 24”, 45” and 60”, with a common width of 9”
This cowl uses the basic stitches : ch, sc, and dc.
Its a quick four-line repeat.
It has been tested using :
  1. 4-ply acrylic Oswal Mills (fingering weight yarn) ; 90 g/380 yds ; 4mm (G) hook;
  2. Ice Yarns, fingering weight, 95% Acrylic, 5% Lurex, Brown Gold ; 416yd / 380m ; H/8 hook;
  3. Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn! Solids; 355 yards, 198 grams 1 skein = 355.0 yards (324.6m); 4mm (G) hook ; 4.Filati Deluxe Bebito ; 300 meters, 60 grams 1.2 skeins = 328.1 yards (300.0m) ; 4mm (G) hook;
  4. Vardhaman 4-ply (fingering) ; 4 mm (G) hook, 200 grams
  5. Super Yarn Mart! Ice Yarn ; 5mm (H)
  6. Gala (from Big Lots) ; 100g - 2 skeins
  7. D.K (8-ply) acrylic - varying from 45 g - 85 g (145 - 280 yds)