Sunday, 10 November 2013

My Bow Scarf

My bow scarf

I've been fascinated with this seemingly complicated light lacy knot for .. well forever.. and I've always wanted to make something similarly seemingly complicated, but actually not complicated at all.. and here's what I designed!

The hardest thing in this scarf is not the Solomon's (Lover's) knot but getting them all to be equal sized and neat - and after a few lines, its actually a breeze.
The cute combination looks like a cute little bow - so hey.. that's the name explained!

I was keen on adding it to my "collection" well in time for the festive season. I am huge on 'making a gift' for any season/occasion/any time.  Off late, gifts at weddings and engagements are also becoming a thing of the past - the smart(er) young gen prefer to get their own gifts and decorate their new homes their way (and who can blame them, eh?)
But a hand-made (especially for you with love) .. aah, who can resist that?

So here's hoping this scarf too brings on many a smile to both the gifter and 'giftee' :-)