Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Mobile and smart phones

Mobiles and smart phones

Now this will sound grandmother-ish.. but hey, when you get words that you can double entendre, then I guess its just calling out to you, right?

so .. in 'our' time (oops.. grandmothery!) a 'mobile' was that lovely hanging object that you hung atop the baby's bed to keep the little thing entertained for hours.. and of course the lovely 'mobile' ice-cream vehicle (ting ting..lets go!) .. and then the more sensible mobile 'animal clinics' (my favourite) that brought help to strays along the way.. but of course, these days we stay 'mobile' and 'in touch' all the time, with our hand held 'mobile' phone.
Connectivity is the key.

Now sadly, just having a mobile phone ain't good enough.. its gotten smart - and as a friend said 'phone is smarter than I am'! (and all the young 'uns reading this may agree that smart phones should be banned for people over a certain age ;-)

Even sadder is that this 'smart' phone is actually tying you down - as it now gives you a second by second ping on activities of everyone else .. and commands you too to update your status and report and like and LOL!

But all that apart, I thank the mobile and smart phone companies to come up with their varied ideas and designs and differently sized instruments, as it gives me yet another chance to design.. so at the end of the day, hey, I ain't complainin'! :-)

Most of my designs are for the new lot of phones in the market.

My first was the Braided mobile Pouch which is a quick one-line repeat pattern, which can be made in half an hour.  I've used a medium worsted acrylic as I wanted a quick project, which I did not want to line and which would still be soft and protect the phone.  This project is a great stash buster as well as it needs barely 50 yds. 

This pouch will fit most of the Blackberry series, HTC Desire Series (U,V,X and C) and some of the Nokia Lumia series. 

As I was completing this, my daughter thought of a friend who would love a pouch - and she has a Blackberry Flip..
so my next idea / project was this simple two line repeat pattern, using just ch, sc and dc. 

This simple mobile pouch can be made in half an hour, and fits the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220 & 8230, 8130, 8120, 8110 & 8100. 

This pattern has also been tested to fit the Samsung Galaxy S3, done with Bernat Super Value Solids (New) and a 4mm hook by one of my testers.

In keeping with the name of the Blackberry series this pouch has been tailor made for, the pattern too can be ‘flipped’ to be used either side. 

Choose the pattern you like, and finish accordingly. 

Note : This pattern is to be folded along the breadth. (i.e Row 1 should be the length of your smart phone)

While this pattern has been made with a polyester cone yarn, it will work well with any fingering acrylic or wool.
This cute pouch can be made in a few hours and is an ideal gift for any occasion.
This pattern has been tested on the Happy Hookers Hangout using
  1. Polyester cone yarn 4-ply (fingering weight yarn) - half cone; 4mm (G) hook ;
  2. Bernat Super Value Yarn in Burgundy; 4mm (G) hook  Thanks to my rav-testers Jessica and Rita.
  3. Sock Yarn Walk Away (Hobby Lobby brand) ; 4 mm (G) hook

My next pouch pattern was made using the lovely trinity stitch, which is a beautiful trinity of three sc, again a one line repeat pattern, using just fsc, sc and ch. 

This project too, can be made in under an hour, and fits most of the Blackberry series, HTC Desire series (U, V, X and C), and some of the Nokia Lumia series. It is also a good fit for the LG G2. 

Due to the mild complexity of st, it has been rated Advanced Beginner or Intermediate skill level and can be found at http://www.craftsy.com/pattern/crocheting/accessory/trinity-mobile-pouch/79499 or 
at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/trinity-mobile-pouch
This pattern has been extensively tested in The Happy Hookers Hangout using 
1. 4-ply (medium worsted) acrylic yarn from Oswal Mills, 4.5 mm (US 7) hook , approx 20 g (60 yds);
2. Universal Bella, DK weigh, 4 mm (G) hook , approx 0.80 oz - Gauge: 4 trinity st 1 1/2” wide x 1 1/2” long;
3. 4-ply acrylic/wool blend , 4mm (G) hook , approx 10g - Gauge: Start 16 fsc = 9.5 cm in pattern st
4. 4-ply (medium worsted) unbranded acrylic, 50 g (285 yds), 3 mm hook
5. Lion Brand Pound of Love (worsted), approx 51 yards (by weight) , 4.0mm hook, Gauge: 7 Trinity st across and 7 rows down = 3 inches x 3 inches
6.Bernat Softee Baby #3 weight yarn, small H (4.25) hook, Gauge: 3 Trinity st across and 3 rows down = 1.375 inches x 1.375 inches ; approx 18.5 g (about 47)
7. RedHeart Super Saver (#4/worsted weight) , small H (4.25) hook, Gauge: 3 Trinity st across and 3 rows down = 1.3125 inches x 1.5 inches ; approx. 20 gm (37 yards)
8. Jo-Ann Sensations Truly Solids, 4mm (G) hook , 62.9 yards, 14 grams 0.24 skeins = 62.9 yards (57.5m); Gauge : 3 trinity stitches across x 5 rows = 1” square
9. Bernat Super Value -just under 50 g, G/6-4.25mm hook ,Gauge : fsc (16 sts )= 4”

I hope you enjoy making several gifts for  your family and friends for the festive season.

Happy Holidays