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I was walking down our market road with a friend the other day, when we chanced upon a man who (almost) begged us to purchase these small plastic zippered bags, saying that he was making them at home and he had a family and was out of a job.
My friend travels a lot, and though we really did not need them, we bought some anyway – and then I thought I’d just jazz it up for her.

So let’s have fun as we work on this creation… and if you like this idea, do keep an eye out for further such jazzed up ready-made bag ideas .. 
I do have a few more we purchased from that day J

For this pattern, I’ve used a superb granny square from

I then tweaked it a bit to fit the bag and covered it.  So come along and let’s see what we’re working on today.

Materials used : Acrylic yarn, with a 4 mm crochet hook ; Embroidery and sewing needles ; and a ready-made bag with a zipper (if you are doing this D.I.Y bag) ;
Optional : Water Insoluble Glue 

Skill level : Easy to Intermediate While the stitches used are easy enough, there is a fair amount of thought that goes into this creation.

Stitches used :
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

How to join sides of the bag with single crochet : Check the links below :

How to join sides of the bag with whip stich : Check the links below :

How to line your bag : Check this link below

How to attach a zipper on your bag : Two self-explanatory links for you here

How to make a rounded cord for the handle : View the video link below for a really simple way to make a rounded cord handle for your handbag.

How to make an I-cord : A neat way to make an I-cord in this video by June at

Abbreviations used : Using U.S terminology
lp(s) : Loop(s)                                                                  sc : Single crochet
dc : Double crochet                                                      ch : Chain
sp : Space                                                                           sl-st : Slip stitch
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                                hk : Hook
yo : Yarn Over                                                                fsc : Foundation Single Crochet
fdc : Foundation Double Crochet                                dc 2-tog : Double crochet 2-together
As I mentioned above, I have decided just to jazz up a bag and have a ready-made inner bag with zip.  
However, if you decide to work this pattern up for a bag, without an ready-made inner, then there are links above on how to line your bag and attach a zipper as well.

My bag is 10.5 x 5”.
So I want a granny square that is approx 5” x 5” – and then I am going to extend just two sides to get the length of 10.5” such that I keep this beautiful sunshine square bang in the centre.

BUT HOLD ON. Just before you go off.. a few pointers.

Measure the bag you are working with so you can decide which round you are going to end with.

I have worked this lovely Summer Sun Granny square all the way till Round 7.

Round 8 (light blue or my brown), I worked with sc.

So my Round 8 : 2 sc in the 1st dc ; 2 sc in the next dc ; 
*sc in the next 13 dc ; 2 sc in the next 2 dc* ;  
rep *to* all around ; 2 sc in the last sc.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st sc.

Our “corners” are the 4 sc stitches.  So you are at one corner, and for your convenience, you could mark the next corner.  We have 17 sts from one corner to the other, and these 17 sts were just right for me (as they would make 5” when lightly stretched)

You can use a sc, hdc or dc in each of these 17 sts end to end.  I chose to use a hdc.

Row 9 : hdc in the 1st sc and the next 16 sc.  Turn.

Row 10 : hdc in the 1st hdc and the next 16 hdc.  Turn.

Row 11 - 15 : Rep Row 10.

Fasten off and weave in ends.  We’ve completed one side of granny square extension.

For the next side, you will find the next set of 4 sc that mark the next corner.

We will skip the 1st 2 sc, and work in the next 2 sc and the next 15 sts to the end – so yet again in the 17 sts for the opposite side of the granny square.
Re-attach your yarn in the marked sc and work Rows 9 – 15 for this side as well.

*Read below
Fasten off and weave in ends.

*You have a really odd looking (like a wrist-watch of sorts!) piece of work.  Now as I am working with a really stretchy yarn, I am going to literally mould this work to fit my bag.  If your yarn is not as stretchy, please ensure that you work sufficient rows to get it to the length needed.. or maybe you don’t need as many rows. 

Yes, I know this is an oddish shape, but hey, that’s what D.I.Y and creativity are all about… getting it whipped into shape J

Right then, off you go to that link above.. make two of these odd shapes and come back here to see how we join it all up.

We now have these two oddish shapes and one bag. 

1.       I first joined the sides (17 sts across), using an embroidery needle and yarn.
2.      I then put my toilet bag on the inner side of the sewn edge, such that we now have the right side of the work facing outside, and the toilet ready-made bag on the inside. I then attached one side to the bag with a regular needle and thread (as the embroidery needle and this acrylic yarn will make very large holes, so ensure you use a thinner needle and regular sewing yarn).  So slip your needle inside the bag, and sew through the bag and the crochet side, securing them both together. Fasten off when you reach from one end to the other.
3.      I then continued with my embroidery needle and yarn, working on the crochet rectangle, down the longer edge and joined all the way to the end, ensuring I have a neat first corner.
4.      I turned around at my second corner, once again ensuring I had a neat corner, and worked down the next set of 17 sts.
5.      Once again, I joined the bag working from the inside as before, and worked a line of stitching down this side as well, securing the crochet work to the inner bag.
6.      With three sides sewn and the bag now neatly inside, I decided to use a little of my water insoluble (very important) glue – securing the centre of my crochet neatly onto the centre of the plastic bag.  As mentioned before, glue is optional, so you don’t need to do it.. but I just want my work to be neat and tight. Remember you cannot use a glue gun as the inside bag is plastic – and if you use glue that is not water insoluble, then you are defeating the purpose of gluing it down.. This is, after all, a toilet bag, and water and bathrooms .. ummmmm!
7.      The final sewing is to secure the top of our crochet work to the top of the bag – and this once again, I did with a regular sewing needle and thread.
8.      Fasten off and ensure there are no peeping ends.

Ta da.. you’re done.  Now come on.. show off your color combination and creation on Facebook, and do remember to tell the world who took you on this craze journey.
If you’ve liked this pattern, I appreciate if you could share my blog when you make your creation

for the superb and sunny crochet square.

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more patterns. J

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