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I was in Porto, Portugal, some months back, and I bought this fantastically superb yarn – Tee shirt yarn.. a first for me.  The articles that were made with this yarn (in the shop) were mats and a set of baskets.  I thought this yarn would be neat for a largish bag.. and here’s what I’ve done with the yarn.  

And though we're all meeting here on this blog mainly for a pattern, I just thought I'd share some of our Porto sights as well.

 Porto railway station foyer !

  Now how beautiful is this foyer ! And through that green glasss door one can purchase tickets

 And there's space for a performance.. in that same foyer

 Hot chestnuts made in a coal 'oven' .. on a cold day.. mmm

 Farmers market.. look at the colours

 Nativity scene set up in the Farmers market

Facade of .. well, just some building.. and yet so grand !! oof.. takes the breath away!

Downtown Porto

  Hotel Majestic which per the Guide book was *the* place to have a cup o' tea

 And the lovely narrow cobbled streets, that I couldn't get enough of..

Right then.. onwards with our pattern

Materials used : Tee-shirt yarn with a 10 mm crochet hook.

So now how does one make this with our Indian yarns.. well, you could use 3-4 skeins of Vardhaman millennium or Laura cotton and you should get the same effect.  As it’s a really rough-n-tough creation, you could also try with some regular cotton ‘sutli’ or jute yarn.. and while I’m sure that will work, you’d still have to throw in some coloured yarn for effect.
That said, the tee-shirt yarn is pretty soft to touch.. whereas a cotton sutli will not be ..

Stitches used :

fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link  http://www.mooglyblog.com/foundation-single-crochet-fsc/

fdc : Foundation Double Crochet : This is a unique way of starting a project directly with a row of double crochet stitches.  This makes your whole project neat and even.. in a way that you need to do once, to agree!  If you are familiar with fsc, you’ll wonder why you never used this start before !

So a quick summary of what I did here.  We start our bag at the base and work around the fsc start row to make it a round.  We will then work in rounds till we reach the length needed for our bag.  This is a really easy pattern – but let’s also throw in something different – so hold on till you reach what I did for the “button” and the handle.

Start with any number fsc (depending on the width you want for your bag).  Join with a sl-st to the 1st fsc.

Round 1 In this first round, we will work first as we usually do on the top of the fsc, and then when we reach the end we will TURN 90°, and work 3 sc in that last st, then we will TURN 90° again and work at the bottom of our fsc row , and then TURN 90° one last time to work 3 sc in that 1st st – so from this row on, we will work in rounds.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

Now here’s where it gets interesting.  While I’ve written ‘sc’ as the stitch below, you could use either an sc, hdc or a dc to grow your bag.  You could also use say an sc in the 1st round, then an hdc in the next round followed by a dc in the next round.. then coming back to an sc in the 4th round.  

Each difference will give you a totally different looking project.

However, for convenience, I’ll just write it in like we’re using sc all through.

Round 2 : sc in the 1st sc ; *ch 1, sk next sc, sc in the next sc* ; 
rep *to* till end all around.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

Round 3 : sl-st in the 1st ch-sp, sc in that same 1st ch-sp
*ch 1, sk next sc, sc in the next ch-sp* ; 
rep *to* till end all around.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

Rep Rounds 3, till you have your project of the length you desire. 

Now we’ll continue right onto the covering flap.  As the flap is only on one side, we will now work in rows.  So wherever you start will be one end of the bag – and you need to place a marker at the exact opposite of this bag, marking it in half for your flap.

Decrease Row : sl-st in the 1st 2 sts ; sc in each sc till the last 2 sc.  
Sk the last 2 sc and Turn.

Continue decreasing by repeating the decrease row above till you have between 2 – 4 sts. 

Before you fasten off, let’s make a quick button hole here.  So depending on the size of the button you’re using, make a chain length to equal that and sc into th last st of this last row.

Option : Depending on which yarn you’re using and if you want the button hole thicker, you could do a sc or a sl-st in each ch all the way back. 
Now this an option, because with the tee-shirt yarn, I didn’t need to do this.
OK, you can now fasten off and weave in ends.

Strap : So what I’ve done is one continuous strap from one end to the other.
Just for kicks I made two little side loops on either side of the bag – so I re-attached the yarn on the side of the bag and then made 6 chs.  I fasten this ch-6 loop onto one side of the bag.  I then did the same thing at the other end too

For the strap I started with 5 chs and then continued on with fdc.  The 5 chains were made so that I could loop that into the side loops (on bag) for the added ‘light’ effect.

 Once I’d finished the fdc strap till the length I’d needed, I added on another 5 ch at the end for attaching on the other side loop – and fastened off.
I then looped in and stitched up the side loops and ensured there were no trailing and snaggy ends.  My handy Fevicryl No Stitch glue works wonders everytime.

Stone and tee-shirt yarn button :
This could be my version of stone – bombing (yarn bombing a stone?? )

The lovely smooth pebble was one I’d picked up from a waterfall in Portugal (Pulo de Lobo, Mértola) and it was really easy to stick the tee-shirt yarn onto the pebble.. once again my faithful 
trusted glue to the rescue.  

So a I just whipped the yarn around the pebble several times, stuck it all down, 
and “estamos a fazer” (which is “we’re done” in Portuguese) J

I left a long tail at the end which I used to hang or attach onto the bag.

And este é excelente (or this is  superb).. even if I say so myself J

You could line this bag and add in zippers etc – but my bag needs neither .. so we’re done!

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns J

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Have a great day and see you soon. J

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