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free crochet clutch purse pattern


I’ve used this pattern before for a lovely reversible diagonal spectacle case and then made a clutch purse as well, which I posted yesterday.  I said at that time, that I could not wait to see all I can make with this pattern – and here’s my next idea along the same lines.

Oh, if you missed my blog on the spectacle case, here you go , and in case you missed yesterday’s post then check
…. and you will find a bunch of my earlier bag patterns at the end of this blog.

Right then, let’s see what we can do with this pattern.

Materials usedToday I have used ~ about two cones of our lovely Indian polyester purse yarn with a 3.5 mm crochet hook ;

Difficulty level : Intermediate to Advanced Skill level

Stitches used :
Sc-blo : Single Crochet Back Loop Only : For this stitch, we work the regular sc, but instead of going through both loops, you only go through the back loop of each sc.  For a visual, check

How to single crochet join :

How to attach a zipper : Check these links at

Abbreviations used :  Using U.S Terminology

fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 ch : Chain
dc : Double crochet                                              sp(s) : Space(s)
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                       hk : Hook
lp : Loop(s)                                                               yo : Yarn Over
sk : Skip                                                                     sc : Single crochet
sc-blo : Single crochet back loop only

Instructions : (Using U.S Terminology)

As I said in yesterday’s post to, for this smashing diagonal clutch purse, I’ve been inspired by Diagonal Dishcloth pattern by Ananda Judkins at

Please note though that I do not take any credit for this pattern.

This pattern works from one corner, increasing one stitch on each side till you have a neat square and you have diagonals running across, which looks super fantastic.

In the original pattern, the effect of the diagonals shows through due to the use of sc blo or working in the back loops only.

For this pattern, I thought that we could work directly in the sc, but alternate colours to get the fantastic striped effect that makes this such a superb pattern!

So here’s how you start your work.  As I said even in my last clutch purse project of this type, first decide what kind of a clutch purse you are going to make.  Please also note that a diagonally worked project has superb stretch.

1.       Do you need it to just work two sides and then have magnet clasps on the top, in which case you work just one rectangle and fold it in half ; or
2.     Do you want a flap over the top, and are going to use it with a zipper along the inside and have it soft and smushy.. in which case you will need to work a longer rectangle, and then fold it into thirds, in such a way that just over two-thirds makes up the lower half of your purse, and the last bit is the flap that comes over the top.
Easy enough right?  May I suggest that you draw your dimensions , or easier still , cut it out on a piece of paper, to keep it handy to measure against.  As we are working along a diagonal, it is a little confusing to keep tabs on the fast growing width and length. 

Please check the link for my earlier similar clutch for the ideas on how to fold the flat piece you’re creating to make it into a clutch bag.

OK.. So first off, we need to decide which colours we’re using and make one the Main Colour and one the Contrast Colour.  Decide then how many rows you will work with each colour.  Here are a few links for when we are working with more than one coloured yarn.

How to carry your yarn along when using more than one colour :

How to carry your yarn along when using more than one colour :

Right, so you are all set with your ideas ?

Now I decided to work with 2 colours – for a classic Black and White purse.

Start with any one colour, and then after you decide how many rows you want of that colour, attach your Contrast colour yarn. 

I have decided to carry my unused yarn along so that it is easily available for me when I end my row.
Ensure that you bring your unused yarn up every row and interlock it with the yarn in use, so that you get a neat end finish and the yarn is tight at both ends.

You'll see that both sides present a similar and yet different pattern.. so you have a decision to make here as well.. which side would you like to use? hmmm.. why not use this pattern to make two of the same ??  

This is the pattern detail for one side

This is the pattern detail for the other side

Work in sc all through, increasing 2 sc at each end, as per the pattern.  The only difference is that we are working directly in the sc and not the back loop of the stitch... and I've decided to use hdc instead of sc.

Head on over to the pattern for the Diagonal dishcloth to see how you start and work.

I made the pattern exactly as suggested by the designer and till one side of my project was about 8.5 – 9”
I then worked the decrease as suggested by the designer for one side
This means that I then stopped one side at the 8.5-9” mark and worked the sc 2-tog decrease at this edge on every row, while I still continued to increase (i.e working 2 sc in the end sc) along the other side on every row , making the square into a rectangle.
Continue to work your increases only along one side, and work the sc 2-tog along the other end and magically your square becomes a rectangle.

Now that you are working only along one side, you will need to to work it for as long you want your purse… as you have already decided this just before you started.

For my clutch purse, all I did was fold in half...  if you decide that you want a flap, then head on over to my yesterday's blog and check out the instructions there.  Link is right below here - the first one ......

and if you want to make the simple clutch I have.. ta da.... you're done!

free crochet purse pattern

Once you have your project the length and width needed, then all you need to do is fasten off, weave in ends and get it stitched up into a bag.

free crochet purse pattern

If you decide to line your bag, add a zipper etc, please check links at the top of this blog.

Have a fun creative time.
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