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free crochet amigurumi pattern


Elmo from the Muppet Show has always been a cutie favourite.  This project has been specially requested for someone special who’s having a baby soon.
Once again, this is not my pattern but just my notes when I make my own exclusive and individual project.

Materials used : Today I’ve used our lovely Indian Oswal Cashmilon Acrylic yarn with a 4 mm crochet hook

For this full really cute Elmo inspired stuffed toy, I’ve used the free pattern from based on this inspirational photograph by the designer.

One quick idea here – (once again, I do not claim this as my own, as I saw this shared sometime back on Facebook – but I just can’t find the link to credit the person who has thought this up).  
When making stuffed toys, decide how much stuffing you need, and then push that stuffing into a stocking net, tie a neat small knot and then stuff this neat stuffed stocking into the required space.  
This ensures that you do not have little bits and pieces of stuffing coming out of your work/gaps.  
This is especially important when stuffing for toys that kids will use (and stuff into their mouths) and also with animal toys.

So basically what I’ve done is use an end of a stocking net and stuffed it with the required stuffing, and then run a round of running stitch along the open end to close the opening.  
Once you have used one end of the stocking, you will end up with openings on both ends – i.e. a tube – so I just ran running stitches on both ends.  If you can manage a neat small knot, then you could knot both ends of your stocking with the stuffing inside as well.

Just remember that once you have it knotted (or stitched) up , you can’t really remove any stuffing, so do not over stuff.. and trial and error will take you the rest of the way.  Happy creating.

and now for some cool photo-bombing and showin' off..  

free crochet amigurumi pattern
Peekaboo..can you see me?

free crochet amigurumi pattern
c'mon..let's get to bed

free crochet amigurumi pattern
Snuggle tiiiime

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