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crochet toy, crochet amigurumi


I started making a few teddy bears and little toys for a charity drive and that has started me on my toys / amigurumi and more fun.  
This piece has been a special order for a crazy cat lover who fosters strays and then looks for great homes for them.  If looking for a good, healthy, well-looked after kitten in India (Mumbai, in particular), do leave a message here  

Materials used : Today I’ve used about 100 gms our lovely Indian Oswal Cashmilon (orange) 4-ply acrylic yarn + a little bit of white 4-ply yarn as well as some white fun fur ; with a 3.5 mm crochet hook ; embroidery needle ; poly fill non-allergic stuffing

Size : 12.5” (head to toe) x 8” (arm to arm)

Skill level : Easy - Intermediate.  

Stitches used :
Magic circle : To refresh your skill, please view this easy video

fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

How to single crochet join :

Abbreviations used : (Using U.S terminology)
lp(s) : Loop(s)                                                 sc : Single crochet
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                              st(s) : Stitch(es)     
sp : Space                                                         sl-st : Slip stitch
hk : Hook                                                        yo : Yarn Over 
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet                                        
sc 2-tog : Single crochet 2-together              sc-blo : Single crochet back loop only. 

crochet toy, crochet amigurumi
 OOOH .. Yarrrrrrrrrn..

crochet toy, crochet amigurmi
 OOOH... morrrrrre Yarn

crochet amigurmi, crochet toy
 OH OH.. too much yarn??

crochet toy, crochet amigurumi
 Now you see me.. now you don't .. mirrors are fun.. shiny floors are fun too

crochet toy, crochet amigurumi

crochet amigurumi, crochet toy
Mammmeee?? meow

crochet amigurumi, crochet toy
Yaay.. I'm headed home

 Sorry, I just could not resist the photo play.. and I do hope you think he's cute too.. the recipient did, so I'm pretty darn ecstatic.  Enjoy making this oh, so cute kitty cat too, using the information below.

This pattern is written using U.S terminology. 

For this particular order, my client sent me this photograph, and thankfully I found a free pattern for this cute little kitty at   
Stitch11 has taken inspiration from a whole load of places, and the blog link above gives you lots and lots of ideas.  Using these ideas and some from my own head, I've created my own little kitty cat.  

Yes, unlike my other blogs, this one does not have a ready-made pattern, but I am sure you are going to enjoy the creative process too.. just like I did.

Whether or not you have worked with an amigurumi / stuffed toy project before, this one is going to be loads of fun.  

I purchased the eyes from Aliexpress - and think that they totally bring out the *character* in my little kitty.. as did the fun fur for the under-belly of the cat :) 

and here is the Inspiration photograph that got all this started

I love this cute write up and my notes here are only to give you sizing obtained using our great Indian yarn.

The blog write up has several links that you need to go back and forth with – and I *love* that this designer has given credit to all the patterns she has used to create her own fantastically unique little kitty cat.  She could well have taken full credit for this creation, but she has been awesome in writing her blog the way she has.  Kudos to +Stitch11 !!

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns

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 I have a few toys / amigurumi already made, and just in case you want a dekho at those free patterns … here you go 

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