Monday, 28 July 2014

Just for baby Sara

A few days back, a good friend gifted me her absolutely fantastic stash of yarn, and I decided to make stuff for her daughter, lawful daughters (a.k.a daughters-in-law :)) and her grand kids.

What started off as an idea has been a journey of fun and frenzy - beating the clock as I  try to get as much done before she leaves in the first week of August.  

My own designs (and testing of them) have taken a back seat - and I've been glued to my computer, wading through the many many ideas to see which pattern/idea will suit me.

I should thank the world wide web for making this search so much simpler .. what did we do before the www?? 

So started off first with a cute little strappy dress for little Sara, all of 6 months and with this lovely variegated acrylic-cotton 4-ply(ish?) unknown brand yarn, whipped up a cute shelled creation.  For more information on how I tweaked this pattern, do visit me at

Photographed and nearly put away, I was uploading my creation and was 'hit' by another link for a really cute interchangeable headband.. It was almost like someone was telling me 'you ain't done yet' - so whipped that head band up and re-photographed the set .. and that was Day 1

For information on this cute interchangeable headband, do visit me at

Today, about a week later, having made something for almost everyone - I've made a second cute little dress for Baby Sara

For more information on this beautiful creation, do visit me at

Time permitting, I'd l have yet another creation I'd like to add for Sara .. of course there are seven other grand children who will be terribly envious though.. or will they?? after all Sara is the baby of the family. ;)