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free crochet ladies top pattern

free crochet ladies top patternfree crochet ladies top pattern


Just a few days back, one of our popular Indian yarn stores +Pradhan Stores  shared a ‘new’ yarn and I was longing to see what it was all about.  Once I got my hands on it, or at about the same time, I was requested to make this top – so ta da!! Providence??! Who knows.. knocking on wood all that blah .. LOL

The Pinterest link leads to http://www.bianzhile.com/p/10438 , and the notes here are not in English. As I work on this pattern, I’ve written down my notes that I share with you.

Materials used : Today I’ve used the lovely Indian Ganga Acrowools acrylic 3-ply yarn, with a 3 mm crochet hook.

Size : I’ve made a Size 34” top and used about 2 balls of yarn for this.

Skill level :  Advanced skill level.
A chevron stitch is not one that can be attempted with the TV on (well, at least not for me) and working a top in the Chevron stitch has been a bit of a challenge.  Working a top from the shoulder(s) down and in a round is a little challenging as well, so I think this is an advanced skill level pattern.

Abbreviations used : (Using U.S terminology)
fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 dc : Double crochet
ch : chain                                                                     ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                                     rep : Repeat
fpdc : Front post double crochet
trc : Treble / Triple crochet

Stitches used : (Using U.S terminology)
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link  http://www.mooglyblog.com/foundation-single-crochet-fsc/

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row.  Do take a look at this self explanatory super video http://www.mooglyblog.com/chainless-starting-double-crochet/
In case you are unhappy with this start, or do not like it, do continue with the usual ch-2 or ch-3 start.  However, all instructions will be given assuming that you are using the chainless dc start.

fpdc : Front Post Double Crochet : Post stitches are stitches worked around the post of a stitch of the row below.
How to work the fpdc :  yo, hk into sp between posts of st from row below – going from back of stitch, around st and into the front of the st ; yo, pull yarn through the sps (3 lps on hk), (yo & pull through 2 lps) twice.  One fpdc complete

Chainless Treble crochet : A really lovely way to start a row of stitches without the ch 3 / ch 4 start.. this is the chainless treble crochet.  This unique way of starting makes your project even - in a way that needs to be seen for you to agree with me.  Do visit the self explanatory link to learn this fascinating new start.
In case you are unhappy with this start, or do not like it, do continue with the usual ch-3 or ch-4 start.  However, all instructions will be given assuming that you are using the chainless dc start.

How to do a picot stitch : A neat video link to refresh this procedure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GGlzZZl3I8

free crochet ladies top pattern

Instructions : (Using U.S terminology)
Quick analysis of what we’re going to do here today.  Our pattern starts pretty easily and regularly from the neck and with the lovely Chevron pattern, we will work our way to the bottom of the top.  The sleeve is a simple lacy open one that has a straight edge, and seems pretty easy up front.  But let’s get started, and see how this one turns out. The beauty of this top is that you can decide how long you want it.. keeping it like a short neat cropped top or all the way down to the longer thigh level.. Cool, ain’t it?

As usual, I am going to give you several ideas through this blog – so do read through once before you start and remember to read all the notes, boring as that may sound.

Our pattern repeat is 16.

We start our top from around the neck.  This pattern has a loose-ish neckline, so you will work your first round with as many stitches as needed for your round neck.

free crochet ladies top pattern

Start with fsc in multiples of 16.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st fsc, ensuring that you keep your first chain flat.

Round 1 : dc in the 1st fsc ;
*ch 2, sk next fsc, dc in the next fsc* ;
rep *to* all around and join with a sl-st to the 1st dc.

Round 2 : sl-st into the 1st ch-sp , 3 dc in the same 1st ch-sp ;
*2 dc in the next ch-sp ; 3 dc in the next two ch-sps* ;
rep *to* all around and join with a sl-st to the 1st dc.
Let us work our first round of the Chevron pattern now.

Round 3 : 2 dc in the 1st dc ;
*2 dc in the next dc ; (sk next dc, dc in the next dc) ; rep (to) 4 times ; sk next dc, 2 dc each in the next 2 dc ; 3 dc in the next dc ; 2 dc in the next dc* ;
rep *to* all around and join with a sl-st to the 1st dc.

In the following row, we will work our first round of post stitches.  Check for a “how to” at the top of this blog, if needed.

Before we jump into Round 4, here’s a thought.  I see that the chart shows post stitches, but I also think that you could work a plain dc in these sts.  

The post stitch will make the pattern look absolutely stunning, but as I am using a variegated yarn, I (personally) feel that using either a dc or a fpdc will be the same – so I choose to use the dc.  I am, however, going to write the pattern as charted.

Round 4 : fpdc in the 1st dc and in each dc till end.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

Rounds 5 - 8 : Rep Rounds 3 & 4 two times.

Note :  So this completes one pattern repeat for the Chevron pattern.  After this we will work one really ‘holey’ (lacy?) row.  You could decide to work this round in and then work the pattern repeat again OR you could just decide to repeat the Chevron rounds of pattern.

free crochet ladies top pattern

Important Note :  If you are not working the holey lacy pattern, then your repeat rounds are Rounds 2 – 8

If you are working the holey/lacy row, you will work Round 9.
In the following round, we will use a trc or a Triple Crochet. Check how to start with the Chainless start at the top of this blog.

Round 9 : trc in the 1st dc ;
(ch 3, sk next 3 dc, trc in the next dc) ;
[ch 2, sk next 2 dc, trc in the next dc] ; rep (to) 2 times ;
*rep [to] 2 times* ;
rep *to* all around and join with a sl-st to the 1st st.
Note :  You will end with a rep of (to) and then join.

Let us work our first round of the Chevron pattern now.

If you have done the holey / lacy round, then your pattern repeat will be Rounds 3 – 10.
So repeat Rounds 3 – 10 till you have a little bit of your sleeve done, ending with a Round 3, 5 or 7, so that the next round you can work all dc or fpdc for the chest and can start on the Chevron pattern straight off.
Ensure that you keep checking that this round fits the chest as there are no increases.

We will divide for the armhole when you’ve got the sleeve bit done.

As we’re going to be working different sizes for the top, I’m going to give you an idea of what I’ve done.

free crochet ladies top pattern

Armhole divide ideas : Fold your project down at the shoulders, and keep the start line at the centre back.  Now measure out the armhole you’d need and place a marker.  Please ensure that the marker is in the same place for the front and the back sections in the Chevron pattern.

Now in my case, I find that the section I’ve made works for my round chest, but I will need to mark a section off for the armholes.  So what I’ve done is work some chains in multiples of 16 in between, after marking off the armholes.

Once I’d worked in the chains, and sectioned off the armholes, I checked to see that I got the chest & armhole measures right.

Now as you’ve got the centre bit in multiples of 16, and have added chain for the under arm/chest portion also in multiples of 16, you will be able to start with the pattern where you left off.  Add your chains for the underarm / chest in the last Chevron pattern round, and then work the plain dc / fpdc round therafter.  Before  you move on to the next part of the project check that you have the chest measurement right and have stitches in multiples of 16 all around

So say, you left off in Round 3, you will continue with Round 4, 5 etc without a break.

Continue in pattern all the way till your project is the length needed for your top.

Neckline finishing ideas : I've worked a round of picots all around the top edge.  I used the ch-3 picot which is (ch 3, sl-st in the 3rd ch from hk).
Check for a "how to" at the top of this blog.

free crochet ladies top pattern

Bottom of top finishing ideas : I've  ended with a row of plain hdc at the end, but you could well end in the dc row, which is part of the pattern too.

free crochet ladies top pattern

Give yourself a big pat on the back as this one has really been a great project – but totally worth it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

And that’s done.. yet another project brilliantly executed ! J

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