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My friend’s daughter is in her exercise mode and has started running every evening.  Her mother (as all mums) worries that the sudden change in temperature will affect her ears and the cool winds will bring her down with a cold. So while we will not argue with the over active mum-mind, we will thank her for the opportunity to create something for her.

I had some really chunky bulky yarn left over from a cowl (
I also used a combination of our lovely Indian yarn  to make this cute head band / ear muff.

Materials used : Today I’ve used some Red heart & Bravo Big Bulky weight yarn along with our lovely Vardhaman millennium acrylic yarn, with a 6.5 mm crochet hook.

For Indians  :  If you do not have bulky yarn, use 4 - 5 strands of our lovely Indian Vardhaman Millenium and you’ll get a nice bulky yarn.  
So my grey yarn is the bulky one and the berry coloured combination is made up with with a few shades of red/pink and one yellow Vardhaman Millenium yarn to make up the same thickness as my bulky yarn.
Remember that working with 4 – 5 yarns is not easy as they keep slipping out, especially with the 6.5 mm hook, but that’s all that’s difficult with this pattern.

Skill level : Easy .. Well , the pattern itself is easy .. It’s just that working with the multiple yarns is a  bit tricky.

Abbreviations used :

e-sc : Extended Single Crochet                       sc : Single crochet
ch : chain                                                            ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                            rep : Repeat
MC : Main Colour                                          CC : Contrast Colour

Extended Single Crochet (e-sc) : hk into st, yo (2 lps on hk), pull through one lp, yo (2 lps on hk),pull through both lps.  One e-sc made. (An e-sc is basically an sc on an sc)
 (Photo tutorial of a "how-to do an e-sc" at the bottom of the blog

This is a really quick headband and I’ve used the e-sc or extended single crochet for this. However you could use a dc, hdc or sc as well.

So we will start with a chain (yes, I am finally using the plain ole chain and not my fsc)  and we will work in rounds.

Start : with MC : and sufficient chains to make a chain length that goes around your head (or the head of the person intended for this headband / ear muff).

Keeping the chain flat, join to the 1st st to make one continuous round.
Check that the round fits snug.  This is specially so if using Vardhaman Millenium, as our yarn really stretches well.

Round 1 : with CC :  (or a combination of the berry colours in Vardhaman millennium), e-sc in the 1st st and each st till end.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

Remember to bring the main colour yarn up to this level

Round 2 : with CC :  Rep Round 1

Round 3 : with MC :  Rep Round 1
Note : As I’m using this super bulky yarn, I’ve done an sc with this yarn and not an hdc so choices for you – see what works for you.

Rep Rounds 1 – 3 once more. 

Fasten off leaving a long long tail that we will use to wrap that end or join point.  I think I left about 2’ (24”) or thereabouts.

Finishing :

I love this finishing which I’ve used for a cowl as well.  So basically you just wrap all your yarns round and round the start point, which not only give you this cute end but it also covers up all the start points and extra threads etc.. and it’s easy peasy.
Just that when you finish wrapping it all in, ensure that you fasten that end well, and then using your hook, pull the end of this wrap-around bit all the way through the bottom and/or glue it in such that it doesn’t unravel on you while wearing.  Remember that this is a headband and will be pulled around a lot, so the finishing and tying up of that last bit is pretty critical.

The great part of this ear muff cum head band is now.. go and show it off!!
You can wear it with the tied up bit on the top of your head or hidden behind your neck.. and with each wear, methinks it looks different.  So hey, cute 2-in-1 I’d say.

How to do an e-sc :

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for freebie patterns.. and/or some wonderful crochet inspiration.    J

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