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In the past few days I have once again gone into baby dress overload.  After the first pair of cute shelled dresses, I got an order for yet another one along the same lines… and as you know I do not like repeating my patterns – so here’s what I have come up with to make a small difference.

Someone sent me this photograph and asked if I had or could write this pattern. 
As always, I first check to see if this pattern has been made by someone else – or is a paid pattern.. but I was unable to find the origin.

Looking at the photograph, I figured the pattern out, and started writing my notes, and then thanks to my really good friend and backbone +Rajeshwari, I was saved a lot of trouble as she found the original at titled Pretty crochet baby dress by Andree Tunde

 I have tweaked the pattern a bit to suit my requirement.  I cannot however rewrite this pattern as it is not my own.  Have fun with your creation, and see you when we work our next project together.

I added a few accessories, so read on to see what else we can create.  At the end of this blog are many many links for all my earlier projects.  Do check them out and remember to tag me when you make your own creation.  Cheers.

Headband accessories

free crochet headband accessories pattern

free crochet head band accessories pattern

free crochet pattern for motifs

free crochet motif pattern

free crochet motif pattern

free crochet motif pattern

free crochet motif pattern

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 I am planning on making a small tiara for this as well - so keep an eye out for that shortly.

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I have a few similar creations already made, and just in case you want a dekho at those free patterns … here you go