Sunday, 3 November 2013

My Braided Mobile Pouch

My Braided Mobile Pouch

The smart phones these days are all super touch and super smart.. and super expensive... so yes, you could go ahead and get yourself a good ole leather pouch - or quickly make a series of these lovely pouches in half an hour, use up all those loose bits of yarn that you just cannot throw away, and yet don't really know what to use for.. and make a super duper gift all at the same time.

Diwali, is the festival of lights, in India.  It is also the festival of gifting and good will. So what could be better than making one of these little pouches to gift your loved one who has just bought (or been gifted) a smart phone.

This is a really quick one-line repeat pattern, using just sc and dc. It can be made in half an hour.  The simple alternation between sc and dc gives a lovely textured, almost braided effect.

This mobile pouch is a super "first timer" crochet project. 

This has been made here with DK acrylic, only because I did not want to line it, but yet wanted a ‘soft’ pouch to protect the phone. 

Gauge is not important - but thickness of yarn is.. so I’d suggest you use a thicker / bulkier yarn to prevent your lovely new smart phone from scratches and nicks.

This is a great stash buster, and a super gift for all time!

This pouch will fit most of the Blackberry series, HTC desire series (U,V,X and C), and some of the Nokia Lumia series.

Happy Diwali :)

Feel free to make as many of these as you wish for gifting, though I'd appreciate if you do not sell your product(s) online, or use this for pattern for sale.

This project is copyright © Shyama Nivas