Saturday, 26 October 2013

My Poinsettia scarf

The Poinsettia plant has been a long favourite.  Its fascinating how the lovely bright green leaf suddenly goes from an awkward orange to red just as the 'wintter' (in Mumbai) in December sets in - just in time for the 'traditional' festive season.  It is therefore, the plant that is gifted during the Christmas season.
Oddly the 'bright coloured red flowers' are not flowers at all - but leaves.  The flower itself, is a tiny nondescript one in the centre. 

I love the leaves of the plant as well.. they have such a lovely shape - and in our garden, hopefully over the next month, ours too will metamorphose into lovely red leaves.

I have just designed, tested and uploaded the first of my "Crochet inspired by Nature" series on Ravelry and you can see my creation at 

Thanks to my lovely testers Tina, Wendy and Rita for testing this scarf for me