Friday, 25 October 2013

Michelle, ma belle

Michelle was our second foster kitty.  She joined Seychelles (our first foster kitten) - a scrawny, scared little thing, just rescued from the big bad world of humans.. thrown straight into an 'enclosed hell' with this bigger cat (well, Seychelles was still a kitten, but I'm sure that Michelle thought she was a huge cat.. or worse!).
Seychelles had already had the run of the house (and us!) for the past three weeks and did not really like sharing us (or "her" home) with this new four-legged creature... and 'creature' truly describes what lil Michelle looked like initially - a long neck that supported a funnily oversized head, and a really skinny body with four legs that looked like they'd barely support her tininess!

Michelle loved Seychelles from the word "go" - but it took about three days for the reverse - and even then it was more 'tolerance' than 'love' for Seychelles.  She'd patiently 'allow' Michelle to play with her, and then turn away, sometimes giving poor Michelle a good smack just before she jumped off onto the bed!  Michelle would try to get to the bed - but it was initially too high.. so she'd try for a while, and then come off to whoever else was available for a cuddle.  Michelle was a lovely cuddler - and with the passing days, not only added some muscle but fur too.. and was a soft "cuddle-able" fur ball!

Michelle enjoying the Charity Granny Scarf (by Anastacia Zittel) that I was making! 

Within a week of Michelle coming home, Seychelles found a permanent adoptive home.  I am not sure who was sadder - us or Michelle, when we 'packed' Seychelles off.  I immediately told the NGO (from where we have fostered these animals) that we needed a 'Seychelles-replacement' - and into our home we welcomed little Spanky!

Now if we thought Michelle was small and scrawny when she came to us.. Spanky was.. well, smaller!
She had been rescued from the fish market with a high fever and  had probably been in a fight, as she'd been treated for a slightly torn ear - and we were given instructions on how to apply her ear medicines (external).  

In total contrast to the Seychelles-Michelle introduction, Spanky (who had slept quietly and almost unmoving through the 45 mins drive back home) was lovingly welcomed into our home by Michelle.  I think Spanky was a bit overwhelmed, but it was so lovely to see the (maternal?) instincts take over and see how lovingly Michelle "looked after" Spanky.  She'd mew and look out for Spanky the minute she awoke, would cuddle him when asleep and 'bathed' him (against great protest) several times a day!

For all animal (esp cat lovers) you'll know that this seemingly violent video is all love - but Spanky probably did not agree!  He was the one being 'cleaned' - and he wanted to play, not be mothered!

As fosters, we want the best for our little 'babies' and as we saw these two bond, we were sure we wanted these two to be sent to the same home.  This video received so much attention, and also got them their new home.  We heard (from their new parents) that for the first few days, they were 'so involved' with one another, that they barely acknowledged the humans!
Needless to add that Michelle and Spanky are very happy with and at their new home with a wonderful new family.

Like Seychelles, Michelle too was a patient and cooperative model for my crochet projects

Just look at those eyes - I could drown in them! and

Spanky was just too naughty to be 'tied down' for even a few minutes :-(