Tuesday, 31 March 2015


crochet shawl pattern


This lovely pattern was shared by my friend Marga, who pinned this inspiration on Facebook saying “No, I hate it”… knowing full well that if she said she loved it, I’d make it for her. J
Well, she was right.  Not only is this a really lovely pattern, but I had suitable yarn – so what else does one need ??

Inspiration .. check !
 Yarn .. check !
 Time.. check (i.e have a lot of time on hands)  
.. so let’s get this done. J

Now this beautiful pattern is already all written out.  As this is a paid pattern, I’m sorry  I cannot share any details. 
The reason I am writing this blog is that I’ve found we are unable (sometimes) to visualize what a particular project will look like with locally available  yarns.  In India, we do not get all the yarns that are suggested on the pattern sheet(s), but this one made with our locally available 3-ply Oswal acrylic yarn shows us that hey! We can make this one too .. J

And this is the original photograph put up by the designer, just so you know which one we’re doing here

Materials used : Today I’ve used our Indian 3-ply Oswal Acrylic Yarn ~90 gms , with a 3.5 mm crochet hook.

Size made : Length (along centre spine) : 34” x 60” (from end to end)

I decided to add the border bit in a darker shade to off-set and show that bit off better.

So many ways to wear this beauty.. as my dear niece models it for me..

Enjoyed this ?? then do come back here for more patterns.. and/or some wonderful crochet inspiration.    J

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