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crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf


I was gifted this lovely ICE Batik Sport weight yarn recently and I loved the brilliant colours – almost like a rainbow – therein.  About the same time, there seemed to be this Planned Pooling rage all over Facebook and I thought this would be the ideal time to try this out.. So here I go, joining the Planned Pooling Bandwagon.

What does the name for this project mean? Indradhanush means rainbow in Hindi .. so the rest is self explanatory.  Read more about the etimology of the hindi word at

Materials usedToday I’ve used a two skeins of Indian ICE Batik Sport weight acrylic with a 4.5 mm crochet hook

Difficulty level : Easy Skill level. 

Stitches used :
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual dc row start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row. Do take a look at this self explanatory video at In case you are unhappy with this start, do continue with the usual ch 2 or ch 3 start.  However, all instructions are given assuming that you’re using this chainless dc start. 

Linen Stitch :  sc in the 1st st ; *ch 1, sk next st, sc in the next st*.  In the following row, you will work the same pattern, but will work the sc in the ch-1 sp of the earlier row.

Abbreviations used :  (Using U.S terminology)

fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 ch : Chain
dc : Double crochet                                               sp(s) : Space(s)
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                        hk : Hook
lp : Loop(s)                                                                yo : Yarn Over
sk : Skip                                                                     sc : Single crochet

As I started off with the Planned Pooling fun, I wrote the words “Planned Pooling with ICE Batik Yarn” on Google Search, and managed to find quite a few hits .. sadly all without the words ICE Batik Yarn. 

Now in retrospect maybe that should have sounded some warning bells .. like maybe this yarn is unsuitable for it? hmmm ...
But hey, no pain .. no gain.. and trial and error often produces some gems! 

So here are the wonderful links that will help you with Planned Pooling

I read through all of this and have concluded that
a)   There is calculation involved in Planned Pooling and it may not be that difficult if  your yarn repeats colours every 6” – 12”.  The ICE Batik Yarn I have repeats it every 25” or so
b)   It is important to have the colour repeats in the same order (if possible)
c)     It is more important to have the color repeats of about the same length each time – which sadly did NOT happen with my yarn.

So I thought that as my repeats were double that suggested, rather than go along the width, I’d work along the length, and I worked one full length using all the colours till I reached the 1st repeat - but sadly, with this particular yarn, the color repeats are not of the same length with each repeat - so planned pooling did not work.

The one thing that you need to do is get one row of colour repeats in altogether so that you can then work the pattern by moving it all by one stitch.. and I smartly (HAH!) thought, this should work.. Well.. frankly, it may have IF (let’s blame the yarn here, shall we?) the color repeats are of the same length each time.  That said, it *could* probably work with a color repeat that is over the prescribed 12" if one works along the length, but if the colors repeat in the same order and with the same length each time, mayyyybe?? hmmmm

Long story short (what?? She gives us the full story and then says long story short.. LOL!) .. Indian ICE Batik Yarn (esp this color combination) does not work for Planned Pooling.

All that said, I do love the randomness of the colours and the rainbowed effect will be one that I know a friend is going to love.  I am also hoping she’s going to be mighty thrilled to get this free scarf shortly – so fingers crossed on nice modeled pictures soon too.

Edited to add : YUP.. she loves it .. so YAAY !

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

crochet scarf

Pattern wise, I worked in the Linen stitch
For the Linen Stitch, you will start with fsc and an even number of stitches

Row 1 : sc in the 1st fsc ; *ch 1 , sk next fsc , sc in the next fsc* ; rep *to* till end ; sc in the last fsc.  Turn.

Row 2 : sc in the 1st sc ; *ch 1, sk next sc ; sc in the next sc* ; rep *to* till end ; sc in the last sc.  Turn.

Rep Row 2 till you have a project of the length desired.
Fasten off and weave in ends.

I had a lot of fun working my "Un"planned Beautiful Indradhanush a.k.a Rainbow scarf.  Hope you had fun too…. do come back right here for more freebie patterns

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