Friday, 13 December 2013

Universal Kindle Safe

Universal Kindle Safe

During my recent visit to Australia, my niece was heading off to Switzerland in an exchange semester from her college.  Packing was a-frenzy (actually, not.. as my niece is one of the most calm, and organised young ladies I know.. hmmm... but it sounds good .. or should I say 'reads' good, and the mind's eye conjures such lovely images of 'frenzy'.. so..)
Right.. so packing.. and then the tickets.. and she was reminded "don't forget your kindle" (now once again, I digress.. my organised young niece would not 'forget' anything.. but a mum is a mum..)
and here I was confused.. wondering.. kindle?? firewood?? hahah, right!?

Well, Amazon.. you've locked us up in this e-book too now, have you?

Now, my  niece had a month long vacation in Europe before she joined college, and she enjoyed not just the works d'art, and the sights that one must and does see, but also enjoyed her kindle in some lovely gardens, waiting for a train, during long train passages and evenings with her hot cocoas (all of which we read about on her blog and salivated over!)

Back in Mumbai and my crochet designing, my daughter wanted a quick cover for her mobile phone, and that got me thinking about a cover for a kindle too.. and one that would keep it clean and covered, and yet was a 'flip top' that allowed you to read while still in its neat cover.. and 
VOILA ! I designed my "Universal Kindle Safe" which was made to fit a  4.75” x 7.5” x 0.44” (12 cm x 19 cm x 1 cm) kindle.

I used the readily available Oswal 4-ply acrylic and needed only about 35 g with a 4 mm (G) hook - so this is not only a quick gift, but a superb stash buster too.  This pattern is a free download and you can visit my page at

This pattern has been tested using :

1. 4-ply acrylic (fingering) yarn, 35 g (300 yds) , 4 mm (G) hook ; about 2 hrs;

2. FB Wool Narsico(DK Acrylic), 45 g (99m), 4 mm (G) hook, about 2 hrs to complete, Gauge : 8 st in pattern = 12.5 cm

3. Pattons Kroy Socks Stripes; approx. 26 gm = 86.32 yards, US G-hook (4.25 mm), Gauge : 3 (3dc,ch3) groups x 5 groups = 2.5” x 2.5” , Time to complete : Just under 2 hours ;

4. Caron simple soft heather, about 200 yards, G hook ;

5. Cone purse/polyester yarn (4-ply fingering), about 70g, 3.5 mm hook, project done in a few hours ; and

6. Schachenmayr SMC Bravo, 35 yards, 12 grams 0.24 skeins = 35.0 yards (32.0m), 3.5mm (E) hook.

Go ahead, down load now.. and enjoy.  Do remember to link your project(s) to my Ravelry pattern page.