Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Titali Cowl

Titali Cowl

The word titalī (तितली) means butterfly in Hindi. 
I am fascinated by the little butterfly. Its arduous life cycle goes from the egg to the caterpillar to the cocoon, and then finally emerging as this beautiful creature that actually bears no similarity to the earlier stages. And after all this ‘hard work’ the little thing flutters around barely for a month (if not caught before that)! Makes us take a good look at our lives, does it not? 
This cowl too has ‘layers’ and parts – so your cowl too starts out as a small ‘egg’ and then you slowly ‘build’ it up till you get the beautiful butterfly cowl.
This cowl has been inspired by that beautiful creature and is the next in my series: “Inspired by Nature”. (My first is my Poinsettia scarf). or

During our recent trip to Urulikanchan, I was once again re-united with these lovely fluttery creatures (who are sadly missing from the urban concrete jungles that our suburbia is turning into).  I took several pictures, but sadly, none of them were good enough.  I then remembered our good friends Aloke Surin ( and Franklyn Silveira, both fellow trekkers /  mountaineers and fantastic photographers.  They have very sweetly shared their (Indian) butterfly photographs with me. 
White tiger

White tiger

Bush brown

This pattern has been extensively tested using 
1. DK acrylic yarn from Oswal Mills, 50g (165 yds); 5 mm (H) hook ;
2. Filati Deluxe Francia (more like worsted weight than DK) , 175 meters, 50 grams 1 skein = 191.4 yards (175.0m), 5 mm (H) hook ; (Comment : Ths is a quick and easy project, each strip took me about 30-35 mins to make.)
3. Bernat Baby Coordinates (DK or #3 weight); 3 oz or 230 yards; Gauge 2 shells x 3 rows = 3.25” square, 5 mm (H) hook ; took about 6-8 hrs (with an injured finger)
4. Impeccable , 209 yds, 5mm (H) hook. Project completed in three hours
5. I Love This Yarn Sport Weight Sun Yellow, weight 3 , I/9 hook , 174m / 191yd ; Rated as Easy- Advanced
6. Red Heart Soft (Super Saver) , 0.25 skein, 5 mm (H) hook, completed in three hours.
 I thank my rav-testers for their time and eye for detail. I'd also like to thank my lovely model, Sejal, for patiently modelling for me and beautifying my project(s).

Feel free to make as many of these as you like for gifting, local craft fairs, auctions, raffles, bazaars, but please do not sell finished items online. If making for charity, please let me know the name of the charity & include my contact info with the item or on Ravelry