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  #Blogaday 33/365

This cap has been made for me by my good friend Nidhi Kansal, who is a super knitter.  She has made knitted outfits for some super designers abroad and is a designer for knit wear herself.  #Blogaday 32/365
Check out her page on Ravelry under knidhiknits

My daughter saw this pattern and wanted to gift it to a friend.  I do knit, but am a little nervous about knitting in the round etc.  Nidhi, the sweet girl, agreed to make this for me.

My blogs are only crochet, but I thought that I’d add in a word (thanks to Nidhi) about this cap and pattern as well.

After all, my blogs are only about reviewing patterns and informing our Indians on what we can do with available patterns and our available Indian yarns.

Materials used : Used one skein of our lovely Indian Vardhaman millennium with 3.5 mm (US 4) double-pointed needles 4 mm & (US 6) double-pointed needles

Here is a sizing chart for general head sizing :
How to join the two ends of your work :

Instructions :

For this project, get the free pattern from, and this is the lovely inspirational photograph that got this project kick started.

Nidhi gives this pattern 5 stars and says that she had no problems following the pattern.  Using our Indian Vardhaman Millenium with the prescribed needles, she has achieved a full adult sized cap that has been swapped up and totally appreciated by the recipient.

I loved the look of this pattern, and thank Ágnes Kutas Keresztes for this lovely freebie.

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I have a few pieces of crochet head wear already made, and just in case you want a dekho at those free patterns … here you go  J