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free crochet headwear, free crochet cloche pattern, free crochet ladies hatfree crochet headwear, free crochet cloche pattern, free crochet ladies hat


I was gifted this lovely Red Heart Super Saver Worsted weight yarn recently and thought that this would make just the perfect gift for the wonderful lady who has gifted me this yarn.
There are a set of hats that I am going to attempt and this is one more in that line – so look out for other such projects… and oh, this is a single skein project!

I am super excited starting on this project, so thanks for joining me on this journey as well.

I had a pretty hard time finding just the right pattern for this – and have now decided on free pattern at

I’ve made a few small changes.. and here are my notes for those changes.

Materials usedToday I’ve used a one skein of Red Heart Super Saver (4) Worsted weight acrylic with a 5 mm crochet hook
For Indians : This yarn is thicker than our Indian Vardhaman Millennium acrylic yarn, so I’d say to get this thickness, you can work one skein of Vardhaman Millennium and one of our Cashmilon 4-ply acrylics held together.  That said, I think this pattern will look superb in just Vardhaman Millennium and a 4.5 / 5 mmmm crochet hook.

Difficulty level : Easy to Intermediate Skill level. 

Stitches used :
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual dc row start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row. Do take a look at this self explanatory video at In case you are unhappy with this start, do continue with the usual ch 2 or ch 3 start.  However, all instructions are given assuming that you’re using this chainless dc start. 

Abbreviations used :

sc : single crochet                                                      ch : Chain
dc : Double crochet                                          sp(s) : Space(s)
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                    hk : Hook
lp : Loop(s)                                                            yo : Yarn Over
sk : Skip                                                                      fsc : Foundation single crochet        
hdc-blo : Half double crochet back loop only

The pattern is well written and a lovely one.  As we’re using a thicker yarn, we finish the whole hat in barely 22 rounds and half a day!

I have, however, decided on a few small changes.

1)      I’ve started with a magic circle and then worked the sc in that circle, rather than the start suggested.  I’ve then worked the rest of the pattern the way written. 

2)    I also decided to use the back loops for the whole pattern, as I love the effect this gives, and thought that with my solid plainer yarn, this will give a nice finish.  So I used the half double crochet in back loops only (hdc-blo)

3)    Instead of the pom-poms, I’ve decided to make a little rose.  This is a really common pattern that I am sure you know, but I’ll write it down here anyway.

free crochet headwear, free crochet cloche pattern, free crochet ladies hat

free crochet headwear, free crochet cloche pattern, free crochet ladies hat

Rose motif :

Start : with a fsc chain of 31 ch (or any number of uneven stitches for the length you want).  Turn.

Row 1 : sc in the 1st fsc ; *ch 2, sk next fsc, sc in the next fsc* ; rep *to* till end.  Turn

Row 2 : sl-st in the 1st ch-2 sp ; ch 2, 2 dc ; ch 2, sl-st all in the same 1st ch-2 sp ;
*sl-st  in the next ch-2 sp ; (ch 2, 2 dc ; ch 2, sl-st all in the same ch-2 sp)* ;
rep *to* till end. 
Leave a long tail to sew the lower part into a flower and cut off yarn.

free crochet headwear, free crochet cloche pattern, free crochet ladies hat

Finishing : Roll your little flower strip in such a way that
a)   You have the right side facing outside, so you will be holding the wrong side and rolling it together with wrong side, touching wrong side of work
b)   Start rolling from the start end, so that you will be holding the long yarn for sewing at the other end, and it’s easy to sew.
c)     Run a few rows of stitches through the bottom, neatly securing the folds / petals of our flower
d)   You can either sew this on directly onto your project, OR you can make a small chain length and attach a press button to the two ends of this chain strip.  This way you can attach this anywhere.. on this project or some other project as well.

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns

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