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crochet baby layette pattern


A good friend’s daughter is having her first grand baby, and here’s a small assortment of baby stuff I made for her.  The web is truly a Padora’s box of creations and it was so difficult to see just which one I wanted .. and though these are not my patterns.. just thought a great set of patterns need to go into one page together.. so here are the patterns I’ve used.. and as usual, my work is with Indian yarns – so yet another trial run for each of these patterns (with Indian yarns I mean). J

I fell in love with the Swirling leaves blanket – love how the simple cluster stitch makes the stitches look leafy and gives the blanket a really soft cuddly finish.

I made this blanket with Vardhaman Baby soft ; 10.2 skeins , 255 gms ; with a 4 mm crochet hook.  I made the “Strolley” Size. (There are ten sizes offered)

Pattern link for the original Swirling Leaves Blanket 

crochet baby blanket pattern

The next cute little addition was a pair of cute booties and for this I used the lovely pattern from Hook’d on You crochet – The purple baby booties.

I used Vardhaman Baby soft ; about 3/4ths of a skein ~ 20 gms ; with a 4 mm crochet hook.

crochet baby booties pattern

Next on the list was this cute little dress that I found off the internet.. again using the lovely soft Vardhaman Baby soft with a 4 mm crochet hook.  ~90 gms, with a 4 mm crochet hook.  Also used about 1 m of satin ribbon and a button at the back.

crochet baby dress pattern
Original pattern link

Changes made : So I found that the counts are not working on Row 8.  Row 7 ends with 108, and then the last bit of Row 8, after the last 5 dc in the last corner, I think after that the counts are a bit off.. so from that last corner, I did the 5 dc in that corner, then dc till the centre of that side (which is one half of the back) and 2 dc in the centre dc of that back part, and dc all the way to end.  I ensured I have 134 dc for end count.  If the counts work for you, then I’ve made an error here, and apologise in advance.  If they don’t, please do revert, then maybe I’ll consider sending this on to the designer (or you could directly)  J

For the cute turban, check my blog BEANIES, BERETS, BABY TURBAN ‘N MORE - 1 at

crochet baby turban pattern

I thought with the ‘cooler’ Mumbai weather now, a full legged onesie was a good idea too. I have made this pattern for the Puppy footed onesie before..and though the final result is cute, I found that the pattern write up could use a little clarification in parts.  That said, it is listed as an Intermediate skill level, so …
Made this in the smallest size 0-3 months, using ~160 gms Vardhaman Baby Soft yarn with a 4 mm crochet hook.   I used ready-made eyes for the puppy’s eyes and a 12” zipper

crochet baby onesie patterncrochet baby onesie pattern

This pattern is in a book from Leisure Arts, and I also found two links for it :

Finally thought a sleeveless ‘leg-less’ onesie would just perfectly round up this gift set – and that pattern too is from my Leisure Arts book

I made this for a 0-9 month old, using ~85 gms Vardhaman baby soft yarn with a  4 mm crochet hook , and 2 large press buttons for the ‘crotch’ opening.

crochet baby onesie patterncrochet baby onesie pattern

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the information and links here.  Do visit me at for many other ideas and patterns.  If you wish to receive my blogs regularly, do sign up and it will be delivered straight to your email box. 

Have a great day too J