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If you have been following my blogs and my Instagram posts, you will know that I just made a donation of caps at three hospital / charity centres in Brisbane.  I started with an idea of donating 50 caps, and ended up donating 200.

This was a set of caps that I made as part of that donation.

Come along and let’s see how we can spread small smiles.

Materials used : Today I’ve used some a combination of our Indian Oswal acrylic and Vardhaman Millenium acrylic yarns with a 4 mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations used :
sc : single crochet                                                   dc : Double crochet
ch : chain                                                    ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                    rep : Repeat

Stitches used :

Starting slip knot :This is a neat new way to start your work without a slip knot.

Magic circle :To refresh your skill, please view this easy video

Hdc : Half Double Crochet : yo, insert hk into st ; yo (3 lps on hk), yo, draw through all 3 lps.  One hdc made.

Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual start with ch 2 or ch 3, I’d like to introduce this lovely new way of starting a dc row.  Do take a look at this self-explanatory super video
In case you are unhappy with this start, or do not like it, do continue with the usual ch-2 or ch-3 start.  However, all instructions will be given assuming that you are using the chainless dc start.

Here is a sizing chart for general head sizing :

Instructions using U.S terminology

For my preemie caps, in general, I have worked the pattern ensuring I have a total length of 4 - 5” and a circumference of 11 - 12”. This is what worked for me, using my yarn(s) and hook.  Please check the top of this blog for a sizing chart.

In general the pattern I’ve used for my caps is as follows.  I have given links for the caps I’ve been inspired by, but the general principle I’ve used is the same for all of my caps – ensuring I get the preemie size right.

Start Round 1 : with a magic circle and 10 hdc in that circle.
 Join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc. (10)

Round 2 : (Increase round ) : 2 hdc in the 1st hdc and in each hdc all around.
Join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc. (20)

Round 3 : (Increase round ) : hdc in the 1st hdc ; 2 hdc in the next hdc ;
*hdc in the next hdc ; 2 hdc in the next hdc* ;
rep *to* all around.
Join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc. (30)

Round 4 : (Increase round ) : hdc in the 1st 3 hdc ; 2 hdc in the next hdc ;
*hdc in the next 3 hdc ; 2 hdc in the next hdc* ;
rep *to* all around.
Join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc. (36)

Check that your hat circumference is about 12” for preemie.

Round 5 : hdc in the 1st hdc and in each hdc all around.
Join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc. (36)

Rep Round 5 till you have a finished length of 4”.

Now below are some pattern links for my inspirations.  

I have used the basic ideas from the links below, using my general pattern (which I find has worked for the size I need).  See what works for you with your yarn and hook.  Cheers.

Turban cap 1
Check out this really cute turban pattern at

Skill level : Easy

The yarn I’ve used is not the one specified by the designer. However I started and worked as many rounds as instructed. When the designer said continue without further increase, I checked my work circumference, and found it was not sufficient for a new born (cap intended for new born) – so I just continued increases till I got the circumference right, and then continued without increase till I had the length needed for the cap.  Easy enough, right.

Just for a small finish, I ended with a row of crab stitch or reverse single crochet.

Crab stitch / Reverse single crochet : (Reverse sc) : This is your regular single crochet st, but done in reverse.  So instead of moving ‘clockwise’ as we regularly work, you move anti-clockwise or counter clockwise, and you’ll achieve a slightly ‘bumpy’ single crochet, which is your reverse sc.
How to do the crab stitch or reverse single crochet :

Turban cap 2
This is a turban cap I’ve made before for a new born and I loved it – so thought I should make it for these cute preemie babies too.
And only when I was writing this out did I realize that this and Turban 1 are the same cap.. different sources. Ah well.. you see which pattern instructions work best for you ;)

Turban cap 3
The designer has called this a butterfly hat, but I thought it looked turban-ish . This is one I’ve made before.. but for a new born.  For the preemie, I’ve worked as per my pattern, and worked the chain pattern (Rounds 8 – 10 per pattern) in the last 3 rounds of my work.
Check out this really cute turban pattern at

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