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free crochet ear ring pattern, free crochet owl ear ring pattern


Yes, the mad spree of jewellery continues.. but I don’t see you complaining.. as you’re back to join me yet again in my journey of creativity and discovery.

There are so many ideas out there in the wonderful world wide web, that I wish for more time in a day, and maybe one more right hand to work with.. hmmm, what say?

Materials used : Today I’ve used Indian polyester viscose silky lace weight, with a 1.3 mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations used :  (Using U.S terminology)
fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 dc : Double crochet
ch : chain                                                                    ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                                    rep : Repeat
hdc : Half Double crochet                                 sc-blo : Single Crochet Back Loop Only

Stitches used :

Magic circle : To refresh your skill, please view this easy video

Sc-blo : Single Crochet Back Loop Only : For this stitch, we work the regular sc, but instead of going through both loops, you only go through the back loop of each sc.  For a visual, check

Hdc : Half Double Crochet : yo, insert hk into st ; yo (3 lps on hk), yo, draw through all 3 lps.  One hdc made.

free crochet owl ear ring pattern

free crochet owl ear ring pattern

 For the cute pair of owl ear rings, I used the inspiration from this pattern write up. Do visit this blog for the owl ear rings

I’ve used this really fine (lace weight, almost like embroidery thread) polyester silk (purse) yarn also known as Kamal Kadai thread in India.  I used a 1.3 mm crochet hook for this project.  I have used two really small black beads for the tiny eyes.  I love my cute fat owl and the brilliant colours just make it stand out so well, methinks. What say?

Blocking ideas :
I would suggest that you block your project, especially if you’ve used a cotton yarn.  I generally use a white glue (Mod Podge or Indian Fevicol) as a stiffner. 
I use 1 part glue to 2 parts water and make a light paste, and then I lightly apply this over the back of my work using a paint brush.  Allow to flat dry before gifting or using.

Note : Kamal kadai / polyester viscose yarn does not specially need to be blocked and may not even accept blocking techniques.
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