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crochet ear ring

crochet ear ring


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Very recently I made a scrunchie with this pattern, and in that I had written that this would work with any yarn.. now having said that I decided to check if it worked … and yaay, it does.. and this is what we get when we use that spiral pattern here.

Materials used : Today I’ve used our Indian polyester silk thread, with a 1.75 mm crochet hook.

Abbreviations used :  (Using U.S terminology)
fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 dc : Double crochet
ch : chain                                                                    ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                                    rep : Repeat
hdc : Half Double crochet                                 sc-blo : Single Crochet Back Loop Only
fpsc : Front Post Single Crochet

Stitches used :

fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

Instructions : (Using U.S terminology)

crochet ear ring

For this project, I used the same pattern for the squiggly wiggly scrunchy from

However, as we’re working a ear ring here, you will attach your start thread into the loop of the ear ring (bottom ring bit). May I suggest that you add a small ring into the bottom loop, in case you are unable to work your yarn through the existing loop at the base.

So basically we’re working a squiggly wiggly spiral – and to get that all you need to do is work a long chain, and then work more than 1 st per ch.  I’d say you work 2 sts in 1 ch and then say 3 sts in the next ch, and this gives you a good spiral.

As you’re working a chain, you will obviously skip the 1st ch and work your 1st set of sts (say 3 sc) in the 2nd ch from hk, and then work in each ch all the way down to the end.

In my project, as I am using a really super fine (lace thin) silky viscose yarn, I have opted to work in dc instead of sc or hdc.  I also wanted a hap hazard spiral (and not a totally closed one) for this piece, so I have worked multiple stitches every 3rd or 4th ch.

But like I said earlier, depending on the thickness of yarn, as well as the spiral you desire, play around with the number of sts you work in each chain till end and you’ll be amazed with the beauty you’re creating with these simple 2-rows of work!

For a difference, throw in several spirals off the same hook and change lengths and watch people be totally awed by you and your ears!

The most important thing is to ensure that you fasten off, weave and glue in the ends neatly.  

crochet ear ring

When  you store this ear ring, may I suggest you curl it into place so it stays flat, and that way when you wear your ear ring again, it will curl out into a spiral again.

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