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A friend’s son wanted a pair of dinosaur boots, and as usual, I loved this challenge.
There are several boot patterns freely available on the net – so I looked through a few of them and am working on a variation / combination of some of them.   As always, here are my notes as I make my own project. 
Yarn Inspiration Bernat Slipper boots is a good pattern for a great range of shoes / boots. J

Materials used : Today I’ve used the superb Indian 4-ply Oswal acrylic yarn with a 4.5 mm crochet hook. I’ve held two strands together for the whole project.

Size made : For an 8 yr old (8” foot length)

Skill level :  Intermediate

Abbreviations used : (Using U.S terminology)
fsc : Foundation single crochet                                 dc : Double crochet
ch : chain                                                                    ch-sp : chain space
sp : space                                                                    rep : Repeat
hdc 2-tog : Half double crochet 2-together

Stitches used :
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

How to do the crocodile stitch : To refresh your skill on the lovely crocodile stitch, visit

[yo, insert hk in st or ch-sp, yo and pull up a lp] (3 lps on hk) ; insert hk in st or ch-sp, yo and pull up a lp (4 lps on hk) ; yo, draw through all 4 lps on hk.  One hdc 2-tog made.

For our boot / shoe, I’ve decided to do a basic shoe pattern first, and then add on the embellishments to make it ‘dino-like’.

So for the base of the shoe, I’ve used my original pattern for an easy fit slip on shoe.

Right, so off we go.

So once you’ve got the basic foot part of the boot done, let’s work on the top.

Please read through to finishing information now so that maybe you can reduce the *trial n errors* I made.  Cheers.

Re-attach your yarn at the back (heel top) of the shoe at the joint.  Neatly work a round of sc all around the top of the shoe.  Join with a sl-st to the 1st sc.

Calculations : Now as I’m not sure what size you’re working on, I’m going to write this as a general note.  
The best way to ensure that you get this part right, is to measure the heel and/or round lower foot of the child for whom you’re making this.  
Ensure also that you work this first row a little looser so that it is not constricting when the foot is being slipped in.  
Other than that, there is no *correct* number of stitches.

For the following rows, you will work an sc / hdc or dc (depending on what stitch you’ve used for the base of the shoe) all around till you get the height you need for your boot.

Just continually ensure that you are working a little looser than usual, as the longer the boot, the harder it *may* get for the little child to ‘slip’ the foot in.

Dino toes and scales :
For the Dino toes and scales, I’ve used the crocodile stitch. 
A lovely video link by +Tamara Kelly is given at the top of the blog.
So one row of crocodile stitches for the toes and one for the scales at the back of the boot should suffice.

Dino eye whites  : Make four using white

Start with a magic circle and 8 hdc in that circle.  
Pull to close and join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc.

Round 1 : 2 hdc in the 1st hdc ; 2 hdc in each hdc till end and join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc.

Round 2 : hdc in the 1st hdc ; hdc in each hdc till end and join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc.

Round 3 : hdc 2-tog over the 1st 2 hdc ; 
*hdc 2-tog over the next 2 hdc* ; 
rep *to* till end and join with a sl-st to the 1st hdc.

Now you have this partial sphere with a hole on one end.  We will first stuff this eye ball in and then sew up this open end.  So fasten off leaving a long tail for the fastening and joining of this eyeball to the dino foot.
Make two whites for eyeballs of Dino eyes.

Dino eyes pupil : Make four using black
This is that little black circle inside the whites of the eye.  So you can embroider this in as well, but just thought we’d do it a *simpler* way (I hope)

Start with a magic circle and 12 hdc in that circle.  Pull it into a circle.  Fasten off and leave a long tail to sew in. 

Finishing : Lots of little things to sew in before we get our awesome Dino boot.  So, I made the whole boot first, and then attached on the parts that made it Dino-like.  It was a bit tricky to push the hand up and down the boot to get it all right, so I may attach these parts on first before I work on the top of the boot, the next time I make a similar pattern.
1.       Attach your three scaled toes to the front of the boot.  Fold your boot in half and find the centre – then flatten it out and pin your toes before attaching. There is a very convenient row for attachment and I love how the toes seeming pop out pretty Dino-like.
2.     Attach your Dino scales to the back of the shoe.  Follow the join line along the back of the boot and neatly mask that line with these scales as well as have that convenient line to follow.  As before, ensure you pin the scales down before sewing in.
3.     Attach your wobbly Dino eyes to the front of the boot just above the toes.

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns.    J

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