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free crochet blanket pattern, Apache tears blanket free pattern


Isn’t it fantastic how we use up one set of scrap yarn and suddenly (and miraculously?) find ourselves with yet another large bag full of it ?  There is probably a section here on the internet for different ways to use scrap yarn..
Yup.. One can make /use a key chain and a small stuff toy too, but when you don’t get the *right* colours for that project, I ain’t too thrilled to start on it.
With this scrappy afghan / throw though, you can just go a little merry on the colours. 

Apache tears free crochet blanket pattern,

This is not my original pattern.  Get the pattern at
These are just my notes on how I went about it.

I placed out all my yarn colour wise.  I decided that I am just going to grade them (i.e light to dark - within the colour range) and use up one colour as I go along.  I will *try* to get the colours in some semblance of order as well, but I also think that with this lovely pattern, it is not really going to matter.

I have also decided not to worry when one color ends halfway through a section.  I will just join up the next one (either in the colour range, or the next set of colors) and carry on.

I hope you have as much fun as I am, and will join me back for my next foray into Scrappy afghans – yes.. I already have another pattern in mind to use up scraps in an afghan.

Materials used : I have used oh ~ 700 gms of our lovely Indian Oswal Cashmilon 4-ply, light fingering yarn with a 4 mm crochet hook using up all the scrap yarn I have in this weight category.

Size : 52” x 69”, which is a little larger than a “Standard Sized Couch afghan”.

Stitches used :  (Using U.S terminology)
Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual start with ch 2 or ch 3,I’d like to introduce a lovely way of starting a double crochet row.  Do take a look at this self explanatory super video
In case you are unhappy with this start, or do not like it, do continue with the usual ch-2 or ch-3 start.  However, all instructions will be given assuming that you are using this chainless dc start.

and here are some more photos of this superb project. 

free crochet blanket pattern, Apache tears free crochet blanket pattern

free crochet blanket pattern, Apache tears free crochet blanket pattern

free crochet blanket pattern, Apache tears free crochet blanket pattern

free crochet blanket pattern, Apache tears free crochet blanket pattern

As I said before this is not my original pattern and I used the the pattern from

This whole pattern works only on the right side of work, and from right to left each row.  You will fasten off at the end of each row.

Now the only difference that I have worked here is that I have not left any yarn at the start or end of my work.  I have actually woven in the yarn as I started each row, and at the end, I fastened off. 

Once I had a the width I wanted, I started working on the length.  
I started working the finishing rows, which is working from right to left (as usual), but finishing off one section at a time in a wave-like-finish, once again weaving in the ends as I finished each row.

The biggest difference that I feel with my afghan and the one by the designer is my color choice.  As I have decided to use one full ball of yarn to finish off one section at a time, I feel that the illusion effect is different from using contrasting colours every row (as has the designer).

I love the wave-like pattern that my afghan has ended up with, and of course, it is also a fantastic stash buster.

Finishing :  A good finish makes a huge difference.
First run a round of sc / hdc / dc all around ensuring that you work 3 sts in each corner stitch.  I have worked a few rows of hdc all around , just to ‘frame’ the centre part in - so that the beauty of the wave-like pattern is highlighted.
Remember that with each increasing round, you will need to work 3 sts in the
corner centre stitch (of the 3-st set from the earlier round) in each corner, every round.

If you have not woven the ends of your yarn at the start and end, I suggest that before you start the finishing round, you weave them in, and then ensure that when are working the first round for your finishing, you re-weave and hold those little yarns in.  That will give your end product a good finish and prevent ends sticking out over time.

Once completely done, fasten off and weave in ends.  Block as per yarn instructions. 

For my project, I hand-washed using a light liquid soap and rinsed off with a fabric conditioner.  I then flat dried & blocked it.

Please do tag me on Facebook when you finish your product, as I’d love to see your creation(s).

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns J

Do come back right here for more freebie patterns

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