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free crochet blanket pattern, free crochet fun play baby blanket


I  am making a blanket for a baby boy and was wondering what would be best for little boys.  I had this idea of making fun little squares that would allow a little boy to play himself to sleep on a play blanket.  Here I was foolishly thinking this was “my own original idea” ! When time came to take this off my “to-do” list, I (smartly?!) thought of checking Pinterest boards and Google first.. and lo, behold! Someone has ‘been there.. done that’ :D.
Ah well, here’s what I’ve done and now that you are inspired, let’s see what you come up with.

Materials used : Today I’ve used ~ 200 gms (in 2 colours) of our local Indian Oswal Cashmilon 4-ply acrylic with a 3.5 mm crochet hook
For Non-Indians : I’d say you can use any yarn with a suitable hook to make this lovely project. 

Size made : Intermediate  You can make this fun play baby blanket to any size.


Instructions : Using U.S terminology

fun play crochet blanket for boys, free crochet baby blanket pattern, free crochet car stuff toy pattern

For this lovely project, I’ve used the inspiration from these free patterns

and and this is the designer's photograph .. cute isn't it?

I have used more of the Crochet race car playnket play mat than the red heart pattern eventually, more because I’m on a really tight time schedule and need to whip this out fast.  Granny squares, for me, are a pain to put together neatly ..  that said, I think that it's a lovely idea and some day I am going to try that one as well.

The beauty of this pattern is that you can make it in any size, using any yarn and a suitable hook.  I have made a much wider road and green path than the designer.
What I did was decide what size I wanted for my blanket - and then divided it up into the green and grey road sections.  

free crochet boy blanket pattern, free crochet baby blanket pattern, free crochet car stuff toy

As the designer says, all you need to pay attention to is that you sk only one stitch in the first row, and then work only in the ch-1 sps in all the rows that follow.

If you would like to work this up faster, use a hdc instead of a sc, and of course a thicker yarn will give it a fuller look.

free crochet car stuff toy pattern

Border ideas :
I have used the same pattern for the border as well.
Remember to work an (sc ; ch 1, sc) in each corner, and in each of the following border rows, you will work the (to) in the ch-1 sp of the corner. This allows the corners to open up properly.

It is also very important to count the number of stitches you work along the sides, ensuring that you work the same number of stitches on the opposite side for evenness. I realized this after several rows.. and what happens then, ain’t fun !

I am sure you enjoyed this!  I know I did.
Please remember to credit the original designer when you share your work, and if you have gained anything from my blog write up, I’d appreciate a thumbs up credit as well J

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