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free crochet cardigan pattern, free crochet jacket pattern


I loved the fall of this cardigan – it was free flowing and looked really comfortable.  I had this lovely light yarn and I thought it was just perfect for it.  
Do check out the yarn used by the designer and read my notes before you choose this project.

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And this is the (designer's) photo that inspired me to work on this project. 

Materials usedToday I’ve used ~ 120 gms of our superb Indian Oswal  3-ply  yarn with a 3.5 mm crochet hook

Size : 32” – 34”

Difficulty level : Intermediate to Advanced Skill level. 
In case you have the yarn required (per designer) for this project, it will be an intermediate skill. If you need to work in calculations due to a difference in yarn, it becomes an advanced skill requirement.

Either way, do work a gauge swatch first.

Instruction information :

free crochet jacket pattern, free crochet cardigan pattern

The designer has used a way thicker yarn and a 5.5mm hook. 
I am using a much thinner yarn and hook.  This write up is just to confirm that this pattern will work, no matter which yarn (and suitable hook) you useJ

I love the way this pattern is constructed - totally unusual. As I used a slightly thinner yarn, I need to figure/ change a little of the pattern to suit the yarn used.

The pattern itself is really simple – all just chains and dc, so the *calculations* per se are not that much, I thought.
It’s just that its constructed differently, so you need to think about it.

So like the designer says, it is worked from the sleeves to centre back.  If you are using any other yarn than that suggested, you will need to work stitches sufficient to get the round arm measure.  Now you will use the largest part of th arm to start.  As we work in a round from the start, you will just work with an even number of stitches for your arm measure.

There on, what I did was look at the really lovely diagram / chart at the bottom of the pattern sheet that explains measurements.  I then worked out my measurements using that chart (i.e whatever length and width I needed for my client) and mapped it to the chart. 

This is not an easy pattern if you are trying to calculate it all on your own. 

As I suggested earlier, do work a gauge swatch first.

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