Monday, 6 January 2014



 This is a cute scarf that can easily made into a gift or just for your own little girl.  The scarf is made sideways and consists of two parts… the first is the simple scarf, and the second is the ‘cuteness’.

The cute little ‘baby doll’ faces are made separately and then attached on to the scarf.  You would need little button-like eyes that are easily available at craft stores, else you could always fashion it with a little imagination and embroidery thread.  One needs basic embroidery skills (for the eyes and the mouth).

This idea of a scarf with a pocket made like a baby doll came when I was thinking of what to make for a friends’ granddaughter – kids these days have almost everything..  so the personalized, hand-made touch has appeal (well to me at least).  I totally enjoyed making this scarf, and was well rewarded when little Diya modeled it for me, and refused to take it off.  She wanted it as an ‘accessory’ for all the other clothes she modeled for me as well, and her effusive thanks, hugs and kisses more than made up for all my worry about whether she’d like it 

She thought it was so soft and couldn't wait to get back to NY to wear it to school and show off

The pattern itself is a really simple repeat – which is totally a ‘in-front-of-tv’ activity.  I find, I am unable to ‘just’ watch TV.. so something like this would be my ‘go-to’ pattern.

The little pockets are not just someplace the little girl can stuff her hands to keep them warm, but also provide ‘activity’ as she can braid and ‘dress up’ her little doll.