Friday, 23 May 2014

Madness in March

March madness

After the frenzy of February and the Ravellenic Games, I thought I’d have a nice and calm March.. haha J
Well, I could’ve kept it calm, but then what’s the fun in that? Right! J

So we continued into March.. or marched into madness ??  And I will confess that when the design bug bites me, I do get a bit mad.. and while that was not confined to this month of March, it does sound .. Interesting.. and alliterations, I do love them (and talking like Yoda?)!

The Ravellenics Games went on into the first week of March – so some of my projects from the games are featured here.

One of the interesting games (challenges) during our RavGames was to complete something that you’d started and forgotten.  Usually, I pride myself in not putting anything off and ensuring that I finish it, else unravel it and use that yarn for something else.  While clearing my stash, I found a cowl I’d started on, pattern halfway written, and then forgotten.  I can’t quite remember why this happened.... guess it did so I had something to qualify in this challenge as well J
So I completed the Textured Cowl I’d started and got this tested just after the Games.
The Textured Cowl is a really easy-peasy cowl that uses a new stitch (well, new for beginners), and then there’s a surface texturing that’s done to give it the bulky look.  It’s a really easy project that can be made in any size, with any yarn and completed really quickly.
You can see my Easy Textured Cowl on Craftsy at, or on Ravelry at

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Once the Rav Games were done, (and we were .. or I was.. waiting to see the results of the Games, and how they awarded medals .. hoping that the nights I’d stayed up to ensure I was “on the boards first” would pay.. well, I did say I was highly competitive, didn’t I?). It wasn’t long before the moderators managed to compile the long long long list of entries and award the medals. I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of work that must have gone in to get this done! Kudos to the moderators and especially to the Computer geniuses who thought this through!

I then thought of doing something simple.  Many scarves, wraps are designed with a border, and many times, the body of the wrap is done in one piece, and the border is then attached on separately or done as a finishing procedure.  I decided to work on something simple that would make the wrap and the border all in one go.. and ta-da, here is my Aasaan Wrap.
The word Aasaan in Hindi means ‘Simple’, and I’ve tried to keep this wrap as simple as possible.  There are some complicated procedures involved (or shall I say, ‘new ways to do something simple’?) but it’s an easy repeat, and the wrap can be made quickly.
As with many of my other patterns, this one too can be done with any yarn, and gauge is not critical, which means that it can be of any size as desired by you.  This pattern too has been tested.
The pattern instructions have been written using U.S terminology, and comes with a chart as well as some photos to show the detail of the stitch and border(s).
The pattern for my Aasaan Wrap is available on Craftsy at, and on Ravelry at

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In January this year, we’d visited Raichak (West Bengal) for a  batch-mate get together of my husband’s college group, and it was the perfect time of the year for the gardens and flowers to be in full bloom.  I saw one really beautifully manicured garden and a superb array of flowers that I’d not seen in a long time.  I was so in awe that the gardener(s) immediately took me on a good long tour of the lovely gardens, and showed me their vegetable produce as well.  The owners were not in, and only visit during weekends.  The dahlias that I saw there had me stumped, and on my return, I worked hard to try and recreate God’s beautiful creation.
My humble re-creation is the Dahlia Wrap.  This pattern too has been written using U.S terminology,  and comes with a chart as well as photos .  You can download this pattern on Craftsy at 

My final pattern and design for March was my Helical Scarf.
This creation has been inspired partly by the placket on a kurti (short top) I’d seen, and partly by The Big Bang Theory and the helical DNA that is in the background of the apartment used by the great Sheldon and Leonard!  This pattern too has been tested and the creations my testers created are superb.

The pattern for my Helical Scarf is available on Craftsy as

and on Ravelry at