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If you have been following me and my blogs, you’ll know that I started making a few teddy bears for a charity drive and that reminded me of how much fun it is to make toys.. so here I am off to have more fun.  I am not going to think about where these little dolls are head – but they are sure going to make one little kid happy and spread a few smiles.

I found a pattern for this cute little doll right here at Orange by Anya Sadovskaya.  This is not a free pattern, but I’d say it’s well worth the investment.

Materials used : Today I’ve used our lovely Indian Oswal Cashmilon acrylic yarn & Anchor knitting cotton yarn ; with a 2.5 mm & 1.75 mm crochet hooks ; embroidery needle ; poly fill stuffing

Size : ~ 2’ (head to toe)

Skill level : Intermediate to Advanced.  

Stitches used :
Magic circle : To refresh your skill, please view this easy video

fsc : Foundation Single Crochet : To refresh your skill on the fsc, please view this superb video by Tamara Kelly at the link

How to single crochet join :

Abbreviations used : (Using U.S terminology)
lp(s) : Loop(s)                                                sc : Single crochet
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                              st(s) : Stitch(es)     
sp : Space                                                      sl-st : Slip stitch
hk : Hook                                                      yo : Yarn Over 
fsc : Foundation Single Crochet                                        

This pattern was initially written in several foreign languages, & there is now a pattern written in English too, titled Orange by Anya Sadovskaya.

Now while this is not a  (totally) free pattern, I thought I should show you just how cute she is.. just to tempt you to make one yourself. 

and just to tempt you further, let me photo bomb you and show off, just a little bit...

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