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Belts are so versatile, and while they are not all meant to hold up your trousers, they make such a big difference to a simple dress, skirt or pair of trousers.  I’d totally go add this belt to my wardrobe as a must-have accessory! J
This lovely belt will go with trousers and skirts alike and make a lovely cinched waist for any dress too.  I have another belt all written up and ready to go for you as well

This is not my original pattern  and it’s just one of those wonderful free floating freebies over the net.  I am, as usual, writing down my notes, and am sharing them with you. J

Materials used : Polyester silk purse yarn (in cone form)  ~ one cone , with a 3.25 mm crochet hook, small belt buckle
For Indians : I think this will work fantastically with all our locally available knitting cotton yarns and a suitable hook as well.
For Non-Indians : Polyester silk purse yarn is available locally only in India, but like I said, you can use any knitting cotton yarn for this project.

Stitches used :
Chainless dc start : Instead of the usual start with ch 2 or ch 3,I’d like to introduce a lovely way of starting a double crochet row.  Do take a look at this self explanatory super video
In case you are unhappy with this start, or do not like it, do continue with the usual ch-2 or ch-3 start.  However, all instructions will be given assuming that you are using this chainless dc start.

Abbreviations used :
lp(s) : Loop(s)                                                               sc : Single crochet
dc : Double crochet                                                  sp : Space                                           
sl-st : Slip stitch                                                           fsc : Foundation Single Crochet
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                           hk : Hook
yo : Yarn Over                                                            ch : Chain

Instructions : (Using U.S terminology)

You-tube link for the original pattern is

Now the original link has the pattern starting straight out and you can attach a button at the end – or you can also use this pattern to make a cord for your bag. 

While I am using the same pattern for the major part, I thought I’d add the belt buckle before starting, and this write up is just for that start bit.. so you start off by attaching your yarn to the centre of your belt buckle and then we will do a few rows of seed stitch before we start on the lovely plaited belt (which we will take from that you-tube video link), and end off with a few rows of seed stitch too.   

This seed stitch start and finish means that you can adapt any  pattern for a belt – as your seed stitch start can be adjusted in width to fit into the belt buckle and you still have the beauty of any stitch pattern to make up your belt.. Smart, right J

You can work a start and end with sc too, but the seed stitch gives a better effect.

What is the Seed Stitch?
It is a pattern made by working with sc and dc only.  

What is the advantage or need to start with sc or seed stitch on a belt?
If we start directly with the pattern, it will not go through the belt buckle.  A sc or Seed stitch start gives a lovely feature to the start and end of a belt and still keeps it flat enough to go through a belt buckle. 

You need to decide now if you are using a belt buckle or a button to hold the two ends of your belt together.

a) If using a button : Work the Seed Stitch for a few rows and then on one end, you will need to work in a 'hole' for the button to go through.  You will attach the button at the other end of the belt.
How do you work a "hole"?  While working the pattern, you will sk a stitch and work a ch-sp at that point.  It will automatically become a hole for your button to slip through.

How do I make my hole large enough for my button?  You will increase the stitch length.  So if you are using a button that will not fit through the length of a dc stitch, on the line where you need a hole, you will work a treble/triple crochet row and skip a stitch in the centre of that row.  Got it?

b) If using a buckle : Start with working sc around the end of the buckle to hold it in place and give a neat finish.  Ensure that you keep the sc here in an even number for ease of working the Seed Stitch that will follow.
Once you have the buckle neatly encased in sc, turn and start working on the seed stitch pattern below. 

Start with an even number of sts  depending on the width of belt or the buckle size you have in hand.

Row 1 : sc in the 1st sc (on the belt buckle) ; 
*dc in the next sc ; sc in the next sc*.  
rep *to* till end.  Turn.

Row 2 : dc in the 1st sc ; 
*sc in the next dc ; dc in the next sc* . 
rep *to* till end.  Turn.

Row 3 : sc in the 1st dc ; 
*dc in the next sc ; sc in the next dc*.  
rep *to* till end.  Turn.

Rep Rows 2 & 3 for about 6” or so  (or as long as you want this start / end bit) and then start on the Plaited Belt portion from the you-tube link.  
When you have a plaited belt length that is 6” short of the finished size you desire, you will repeat the seed stitch pattern at the non-buckle end as well.  

Before you head off to the you tube, here's a thought.  I have worked the plaiting as per pattern  and the width of my belt was about 2" or so.  I thought that I can easily increase the width by either working with a thicker yarn or increasing the number of stitches - so if you are game.. go for it.  Do let me know if this does work out.  Cheers.

Great .. now off you go to the lovely link for the rest of the Plaited Belt pattern at

Fasten off then and weave in the ends

Enjoyed this ?? I sure did.. come back right here for more freebie patterns J

Do come back right here for more freebie patterns

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