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free crochet belt pattern


Valentines day coming up.. all these heart shapes being shown everywhere.. so it’s only natural that I too whip up one lovely creation, just right in time.

I was inspired by this cute heart pattern from a you-tube link for the heart belt
And then I added a small something to it.. here’s my write up for it.

I’ve also made the Celtic knot belt – that has been on my to-do list for oh! So long.. and my notes for that are here as well.

So two lovely belts that can be whipped out pretty quickly – a lovely gift for someone you love.

I have a few more belts already written out, so here’s a quick dekho at those links too

Materials used (for heart belt) : Polyester silk purse yarn in cones  ~ one cone , with a 3.5 mm crochet hook

Materials used (for celtic knot belt) : Polyester silk purse yarn in cones  ~ 1.5 cone , with a 3.5 mm crochet hook

Stitches used :
Picot : The picot we use here will be the 3 ch picot – so ch 3 and then sl-st into the 1st ch (of the ch-3 just made).  We will used this as a decorative stitch along the edges of our heart belt.  To refresh your memory on how to do a picot, do visit this link :

Abbreviations used :
lp(s) : Loop(s)                                                               sc : Single crochet
dc : Double crochet                                                   sp : Space                                           
sl-st : Slip stitch                                                             fsc : Foundation Single Crochet
st(s) : Stitch(es)                                                             hk : Hook
yo : Yarn Over                                                              ch : Chain
trc : Treble / Triple crochet

Instructions : (Using U.S terminology)

I made my row of hearts using the lovely continuous method shown so well in that video.
Once  you’ve done your row of hearts, here’s when we can change this into a belt, with an edging.

You can either leave it as it is and then attach a button on one end of your belt, and the little hole (in the centre of each heart) can serve as the button hole for your button, OR you can make the edging I’m making to keep the twisty turny hearts a little more stable.

Assuming you’re coming along with me, here’s what we’ll do for the edging.

Edging :
Once you’ve reached the length needed for your belt, we will do a row of chain that will go all around the belt.  So before I plunge off into the instructions, let’s see what we’re going to do.  To ‘stiffen’ our belt, we’re going to have a row of chain to start with – and our chain row will start at the end you’ve finished, go through to the 1st st, and then around to the other side of the belt to come back to this point.  We will also use 3 of the trc sts from our heart (we have 6 trc’s in each side of our heart.. so we’ll sk the 1st and use the next 3 in each side). 

We will work in a round from here for our border / edging.
Right, so you’ve ended at the sl-st at the top of the last heart, so ch 5 and sk all sts in between, and the 1st trc, sc in the next 3 trc ; *ch 5, sk all the sts in this heart, and the 1st trc in the next heart, sc in the next 3 trc* ; rep *to* till you reach the other end of your belt ; ch 5, sk all the sts in this last heart, sc in the dc (that is the centre st of that last heart) ; ch 5, sk all sts and the 1st trc on the opposite end and sc in the next 3 trc ; rep *to* all the way to the end again ; ch 5, sl-st in the 1st st. 

For the 2nd and final row of our border, we’ll do a round of picots.  So we’ll do one picot in the middle sc and then one picot in the middle of the ch-5 sp all around.  
To get the corners nice and squared off, we will do 3 sts plus one picot each end.  
Depending on how thick you want this border, use an sc, hdc or dc.. I will, however, give instructions using sc only.
So lets start off.. oh, and we're using a picot, so check the top of this blog for a "how to".
The picot we use here will be the 3 ch picot – so ch 3 and then sl-st into the 1st ch (of the ch-3 just made). 

Picot in that 1st st ; sc in the next 2 ch ; 
(2 sc ; 1 picot ; 1 sc) in the next st [which marks one corner] ; 
*sc in the next 2 ch and next sc ; sc + picot in the next sc ; 
sc in the next sc and 2 ch, sc + picot in the next ch* ; 
rep from *to* till the end, 
then at the next corner rep (to) all the way around till you’ve reached the 1st st.  
Join with a sl-st to the 1st st.

free crochet belt pattern

Fasten off then and weave in the ends.  Attach a button on one end, (ensuring that the button goes easily through the hole in the centre of your hearts) and we’re done!!

Now off you go to find just that right outfit to showcase your lastest creation!


free crochet belt pattern

The Celtic knot is fascinating – looks oh, so difficult, but it isn’t.. well, it’s not that bad.. and it looks so lovely.  The small difficultly here is that instead of working with just one yarn, this lovely pattern uses two cords at one time.  That said, it’s well worth the trouble of pinning it all down and getting it done for this superb end result.

So this is a free pattern courtesy Red heart at

I’ve used our (Indian) polyester purse yarn (which is a 4-ply yarn).

The only difference I made was instead of doing a row of ch and then doubling back over it with sc’s, I did one single row of Foundation Half Double Crochet (fHdc) stitches.  There is a superb Moogly video link for this at
Now if you’ve done either an fsc or an fdc start, you’ll have absolutely no problem with this one.  If you haven’t tried any of those, you’re going to enjoy this and never go back to the regular chain start !

So the four cords are made really easily with the fHdc start, and then following the pattern sheet, you get the knot done and then the finishing.

As I wanted this to be adjustable for different waist sizes (rather than a fixed one with a button), I have opted to do another fHdc chain at the end of the closure tab(s) so that the wearer can neatly tie this up behind the back.

So once again, choices for you.  Have fun.

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