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free crochet bunny lovey, free crochet bunny stuff toy,


Today let’s work on this really cute little big eared bunny rabbit baby lovey, shall we?  I totally loved the big ears on this lovey – I have made a bunny lovey before.. with cute pink tinier ears – links all given at the bottom of this blog, don’t worry J

Right then.. let’s start on this beauty now.

Materials used : Today I’ve used some of the superbly soft Bella Baby Bambini Print acrylic yarn for the lovey and our local Indian Oswal Cashmilon 4-ply acrylic (for the little bunny toy) with a 3.5 mm crochet hook ; poly fill and a small piece of white stocking net for stuffing.
For Indians : The Bella Baby Bambini yarn is a baby soft 3-ply-like yarn. I’d say our local 3 or 4-ply Oswal acrylic yarns will work really well too.
Basically, with this project, I think you can use any yarn with a suitable hook.  Read on to see what I mean.

Skill level : Basic to Intermediate
Size made : Lovey : 12.5” x 12.5” ; Toy : 2” with ears nearly 4” long


Instructions : Using U.S terminology

free crochet bunny lovey pattern, free crochet bunny toy pattern

Get the free pattern for this awesomely cute bunny baby lovey at

Now as I said before, I *think* you could use any yarn to work this project. 
I didn’t have the yarn suggested by the designer.
If you use a thinner yarn (as I have), then you need to work this pattern in a *slightly* different way….
So here’s what I did – I first worked in the bunny (stuff toy) and then figured out how large a lovey I’d want around it. The yarn I’ve used for the lovey is really soft and thin – so I just worked a square for the size that I thought would then suit the little bunny I’d made.
If you continue working the mini square pattern, you can make this into a blanket as well - though it be a square finish (not rectangle I mean).

free crochet lovey pattern, free crochet bunny toy pattern

free crochet bunny lovey pattern

free crochet bunny lovey pattern

free crochet bunny lovey pattern

free crochet lovey pattern

free crochet lovey pattern

 Now one could always work in a slightly larger lovey if the yarn is thicker – as long as it is soft, I think you’ll have a happy baby with a cute cuddle toy.

For the stuffing, I used some poly fill.  Rather than fill the bunny head directly, what I did was stuff a small piece of stocking net with the poly fill first and make a little ball.  I then stuffed this ball into the head.  How does this help? Well, if the baby is going to cuddle up to the doll, little bits of poly fill won’t find itself out (of the holes of our crochet work) and into its nose or eyes. 
This is not my idea – I saw it somewhere online (forgot to save that link – so can’t credit that imaginative person.. sorry L )
Anyway, the idea is to get a length of stocking net and sew one end of it.  Stuff the stocking net with poly fill till you get a ball of the size you’d want for the bunny head.  Then sew the other end of the stocking net, cutting the stocking net (and saving the unused portion for another day, of course).
Roll the ball you’ve made to give it proper shape – check the stitching both ends, and then stuff into your bunny head.  

Doesn't this look neat and clean?

 The only difference in using this kind of stuffing as against just pushing poly fill directly into the doll / stuff toy is that you need to (well, at least I think so) stuff a little *before* the round indicated – i.e I think you need a *slightly* larger hole to fill in this ready-made ball of stuffing – but that aside, I think this is well worth it.
I also know that once you have made these poly fill balls, there is no going back to the regular ‘stuff-as-you-go’ way J

Of course, I need not add that you should try to get a white stocking net for this project ;)

free crochet bunny lovey pattern

Isn’t this a really lovely fun project?

Please remember to credit the original designer when you share your work, and if you have gained anything from my blog write up, I’d appreciate a thumbs up credit as well J

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